Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend I went with my grandparents to a peach orchard and then to a place to pick blueberries. I had never picked blueberries before, and it was so fun! They are soooo much sweeter and juicier when they are fresh, I never want to buy them from the store again.

(Blueberries on the Bushes)

(Peach ice cream @ the Peach Orchard)

Then Saturday night I met with the girls and we went to Inokos, a Japanese steak house where the cook in front of you. It was DELICIOUS! I hadn't been there in ages. And afterwards we went into downtown Athens to a place called Yoguri. It's frozen yogurt and you can add toppings to it. delish.

(The sign- the inside was way cuter but it was crowded so I didn't want people to think I was taking pictures of them.)

(My frozen yogurt: I copied Taylor and got Granola, Strawberries, & White chocolate chips! So good!)

After we got our frozen yogurts we went outside to sit and people watch..
(Sam, Taylor, & Grayson)
(Me & Emily)

And then Sunday I headed back to school to study for Chemistry.. but guess what! Only 2 more weeks... 7 more days of class! The end is in sight!!!

and p.s. the bachelorette tonight.. i'm starting to get a little bit bored with it.. and it's pretty obvious that she would've chosen frank if he hadn't of decided he loved his ex-gf. so weird. i don't get why it took him so long to realize that, and i don't get why she liked him so much.. but oh well! i'm not her!


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