Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Lake Days

There is nothing better than a relaxing weekend at the lake.. and so thursday me, Ally, and Jessica went up to my lake house for the weekend. We spent the weekend floating in floaty chairs (get yours from here!) they are the best things ever invented.. especially on a hot day at the lake! And that night we went out to get some barbeque at one of the best barbeque restaurants ever. Then we spent our night watching season 1 of One Tree Hill.

and by the end of the weekend we had completed the entire season.. bring on season 2!! I love One Tree Hill but I just started watching 2 seasons ago.. so it's so interesting to start from the beginning and see the old episodes since I never have! :)

Saturday morning we headed out to the lake and came back up for a late lunch. Once we finished lunch we decided to go back down to the dock and grab our towels, and then run back to the house to take showers. Well when we made it back up to the house we found the door was locked!! We leave a sliding glass door open during the day when we're out on the lake, and there's a bar that we put between the doors to lock them. Well, when we shut the door the bar fell across and blocked the door from opening!! (hopefully that description works) and none of us had our cell phones, or a key, and my parents weren't coming up until that night! And it was only 3:00.. and 100 degrees! So we walked around the house trying to think "If I was a robber.. how would I break in?" and finally gave up because we obviously aren't robbers and knew no way of getting into a locked house! So we all sat down and read our books..

unfortunately, our cameras were also locked in the house.. so we weren't able to document our lockout scene. haha So i'll leave you with a picture of the book I'm reading right now.

Anyways.. we really wanted to get inside because at this point we had no idea what time it was getting to be.. we were sweating like crazy... and really wanted showers! So we tried to pick the lock with bobby pins.. and that didn't work AT ALL! So then I started shoving the sliding glass door and after a while it started to budge and get off its track.. and we found our way inside!!! It was the most hilarious thing! So now we know how to break in to a sliding glass door! The craziest things happen to us! Later that night, after my parents we got there we went to the B-SHOC concert.. which is another story entirely! So i'll save that for tomorrow!!

hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Kerri said...

Oh man, we locked ourselves out of our condo on spring break and we tried EVERYTHING to get in and eventually had to call the owner, who already thought we were nuts, and we had to pay $25 to get them to unlock it, all the while all of us were like jumping up and down having to go to the bathroom, terrible but so funny!!

oh & I LOVE onetreehill. obsessed!

Ally said...

Hello guuuurl! I left you an award on my blog!! :)

Ally said...

I tagged you in my last post also!!!!!!