Thursday, July 8, 2010

1 on the bucket list!

This week has been so CRAZY!! We've all started getting up at 7 to go workout, and then I end up having homework so late in the day that I don't have much free time. So I haven't had time to update.. but I have added my bucket list (along with Ally) that we plan to accomplish over the next year. And this week we were able to cross off our number 1!!

#1- Write name in cement on campus

We've been planning this out for a while, and since there is construction on campus we've been scoping out possible spots for a while now. But, every time they were paving something we could never time it right, because you can't exactly walk up and start writing your name while the poor guys are still smoothing it all out!

Well they happen to be adding a new sidewalk right outside of our on campus apartment, and tuesday morning when I was walking to class they were starting to pour the cement. About lunch time we went back out to see if they were done.. and all of the cement guys were gone!

The site!

Our names!! (I put my initials and then added my name too!)
Writing in cement is harder than it looks!

Then that night there was a movie on the drill field.. with free popcorn and drinks! They have a giant blow up screen that they project the movie on. Unfortunately my picture didn't turn out too great because it was so dark outside.. but we did get a group picture!!

(L to R: Sarah, Me, Jessica, & Ally)
They played the movie Bounty Hunters.. and it was alright. But we ended up freezing halfway through because it cooled down more than we thought after the sun went down!

This weekend we're going to the lake together, and seeing a Christian rapper called B-SHOC at a fair.. if you have never heard of B-SHOC please youtube him and his song "Christ-like-Cruisin" it's hilarious! and very catchy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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