Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My life--- it's busy.

The last few weeks have flown by.
I feel like I blinked and it was October.
School has been wonderful, and ohhh so busy.
In fact,
LIFE has been wonderful, and ohhh so busy.

I haven't posted in ages,
and it's literally because I'm spending most of my time doing schoolwork.
And those free moments of time?
I usually like to spend NOT looking at a computer screen.

Thus, the blog hiatus.
But I've started to miss it,
So here I am. :)

There's so much that's been happening in my life,
and it's hard to make it short and concise.

In the past month I have....

  • turned another year older... and 23 is not nearly as exciting as 21 once was.
  • started a new job
  • gotten more adjusted to life in Atlanta (I still miss you ATHENS!) 
  • been sewing like I work in a sweat shop... our Etsy page is booming. (more on that soon!) 
  • welcomed fall with open arms
  • learned a tremendous amount of pharmacy-related stuff, and have grown to love the profession EVEN more
  • been guzzling caffeinated beverages like it's my job
  • saw my boyfriend, aka John Mayer, in concert
  • been consumed by Scandal, and I want Olivia Pope's wardrobe
Hopefully I can post more than just once this month. ;)

All the best,