Monday, June 24, 2013


Saturday I went to Jamie and Adam's BEAUTIFUL wedding.
Pictures don't even do it justice.
It was THE wedding of the summer, if you ask me ;) , and every last detail was pinterest-worthy perfection.

She was stunning.
I am in love with her dress, her hair, everything.. but did we expect anything less? Jamie is beautiful! And I'm so happy for her and Adam. Their love for each other is just the sweetest.

And since Jamie invited some fellow bloggers to the wedding.. we had a blast sharing a table and getting to know each other in real life. Blogging. is. Awesome. These girls are all so wonderful!

bre // me // nicole // jamie //  jess // savannah

 gotta love blurry iphone pics. ;) 

 Congratulations Adam and Jamie!! Enjoy your honeymoon in St. Lucia!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Coke Bottles and Paper Straws.

The Sunday after Mal's graduation we threw her graduation party, 
and with our luck...
it started thunder storming, and pouring buckets of rain around 4:00 that morning.

We had planned to have her party in our yard.
We had strung wire between the trees to hang the pom pom balls we made,
Mama and Daddy had rented tables and chairs,
we had put in hours of yard work...
and it. was. pouring. BUCKETS.

So around 7:30 that morning we all started scrambling to clean the house, and move the party indoors.
Around 50 people were expected.. and we had to find places to put everyone.
But it turned out just wonderfully regardless, Mama and Mal did a great job with all of their decorations.

AND, how cute was Mal's little dress with those bottled cokes?
Her color scheme was on point. 

 Mama and daddy did the barbecue for the party, and it was incredible.
The bottled cokes, paper straws, mason jars for sweet tea, and monogrammed petits fours.. just too cute for words.


 All in all, the party was a success.

And it quit raining as soon as it was over, so we had a photo shoot.
Those I'll have to share next ;)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lake Recap.

Finally, I'm getting around to posting pictures of our lake weekend.
We've had some people leave for vacation at work this week, so I've been filling in.. making my schedule full time from 9-7 each day. When you're not used to being on your feet that long, it's exhausting. But I love every minute at our sweet pharmacy, getting to see our patients every day is a treat. :)

Anyways, as for the lake.
My grandparents joined us this weekend.. but I didn't get any pictures. FAIL.
I took a lot of video footage in an effort to compile a sweet video like Jamie did of the Bachelorette party. (she inspired me) But I haven't had time to sit down and get to that just yet. So... one of these days it will happen.

My sister Mallory lives for the lake.
She waits all year for that first day in the summer when she can slip on her ski and hit the water.

But we all love sitting on the dock at that perfect time of day.
When the lake starts to clear out for dinner time,
the sun starts to set,
and the temperature starts to cool off a bit.
It's a little slice of heaven,
and my mama's "happy place."

NOW, back to reality.
My summer class starts today...
and I've kind of put it out of my mind that I actually have a summer class.
So today will be loads of fun ;)
A 3 hour Microbiology lab followed by a 2 hour lecture?
That's exactly how I envision my summer. #not

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Summer.

Summer is that time of year when I try to spend every bit of free time at the lake.
There's not much in life that can relax me as much as a weekend spent at the lake house.

Sitting on the dock,
feeling the breeze roll across the water,
the sun on your skin,
the occasional rock from passing boat's wakes...

THAT is Summer to me.

We spent the weekend at the lake house with my sweet grandparents, and I can't wait to share more pictures tomorrow.
Happy Monday!