Friday, May 27, 2011

Talk about FUN!!!

Our city is having a Summer festival right now.. 
and big news folks. 
THE FAIR is involved!
Uhm.. woah.
The fair hasn't been to our town for 13 years.
As in, the last time it came I was in like 2nd grade.
This is huge

And you best believe as soon as I got wind of this.. I was there in a skip and a hop. Literally. I skipped to the car, hopped in.. and was there in like 3 minutes. 

We didn't partake in any fair foods.. because friends, the fair is a lot more expensive than we remembered! AND we didn't want to worry about losing our funnel cake on the sizzuhluhhh! ;)

Daddy took all of these fabulous pictures.. I love the lights! This one is my favorite:

Anyways, it was a blast (as if you can't already tell). 

And now we're off to the lake for some Memorial Day weekend LAAAKE TIIIIME!! hollaaa! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Can't wait to catch up with the blogs come Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW!

and I'm doing a twist..
I'm doing Commercials I've been loving lately! :)

1. The Samsung Infuse Commercial

This commercial makes me laugh EVERY time. I seriously scream like that girl anytime I find a bug near me! haha

2. Walmart Commercial

How precious are these little girls! I love this one!

3. at&t commercial
This one's from a while back.. but that guy's laugh! Gets me every time!! hahaha!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Looks like the World didn't end...

Not that I thought it would...
and not that it's a laughing matter, but we did kind of joke about the whole thing. I mean really, the guy has claimed this before and was wrong. Now he says he miscalculated because he didn't include leap years? Get real. 

But I did come across this and thought it was funny:

At 6:30 Saturday we had a "rapture" cookout. I promise I'm not making fun of the rapture, we were just playing off of the whole "world ending" that didn't happen. 

Daddy tweeted this before our cookout, cracks. me. up.
For the cookout, we put a bunch of random furniture out on our NEWLY pressure washed patio (thanks to my sweet daddy) and the weather was absolutely perfect for it!

check out the reading.. love me some royal wedding!
 Mallory & myself :)

And of course, I didn't get any pictures once everyone got there.. but here's my dinner plate ;)

How did y'all ride out the "end of the world"?? 
I'm thinking REM probably made a ton with itunes downloads of their song! haha

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Move Out Day!

Today I officially moved out of my apartment at school,
it was bittersweet.. and I tried not to think about the fact that I won't be returning to school there in the fall. 

I had already moved the majority of my stuff home (I thought), but you sure can cram a lot of crap into those shoebox size bedrooms! Luckily, Ally & sweet Mallory came along to help me! And by the end of it, the suburban was loaded to the rim!

Since I took a picture at the beginning of move in day each year, I figured I should do the same for move out day ;) So pardon my dorky-ness

After we finished moving me out, we hit up Gustavos.. the local pizza place that is AMAZING. Got our bellies full of garlic cheese rolls, a slice of kitchen sink pizza, and rolled out of D-Town to head home. 

 Now I'm excited to start planning my room and apartment for next year! I can't wait for a fresh start, and the great memories that await! (okay, that was cheesy.. but you get the point.. I'M EXCITED!)

Hope you've all had a wonderful Thursday! I swear this week has FLOWN by!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm linking up today with Jamie for WILW!
Today I'm loving...

1. Pinterest! 
 It's my new favorite thing, if you're already on there come follow me and I'll follow you back! It's so much fun to look through all of the different "pins" and gather ideas for decor, a future wedding, and even find inspirational quotes. If you want to join leave me your email and I can send you an invite!

It's this really great restaurant in Athens, and I went with my parents on Monday during our apartment search. I can't wait to go back! I tried a bite of my mom's plate and it was incredible, and I had the best pimento cheese sandwich with a spin.  They have been voted the Best Breakfast in Athens.. and the parking lot is small so it fills up FAST. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Athens!

3. Cheesecake
I've been craving cheesecake for at least a month now.. and I still need to go to the Cheesecake Factory to completely satisfy this craving. HOWEVER, my little sister Mallory had to sell Cheesecakes for her cheerleading fundraiser and they came in this week: SCORE! We got a sampler cheesecake and it's so good. I'm a cheesecake lover, for reals. 

And I'm keeping it short and sweet this week, because I'm scheduling this post and GLEE just came on ;) 

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger Currently Unavailable.

The whole "blogger currently unavailable" thing really messed up my blogging.
The one time I actually had time to sit down, return to my blogging, and catch up on my blog reading... blogger is unavailable. Figures.

And sadly, I haven't had too much excitement going on my life lately.. 
this weekend we enjoyed some time at the lake, but the majority of it was spent cleaning up the "Jungle" that seemed to have grown since our last visit! We took a trip to Lowe's to pick up supplies for our yardwork, and Millie came along to enjoy the "adventure" too.

 We also put the boat in for the first time this season to make sure it would crank! and luckily it did!!! Millie loves riding on the front of the boat, so if she didn't have enough fun in Lowe's.. she definitely got her fill riding in the boat. 

Because before we knew it, she was passed out!

Mallory even went skiing.. crazy girl. It's not quite warm enough for me to get in just yet!


The majority of our time NOT spent in the yard, we sat on the dock reading and soaking up some sun.

I finished The Island by Elin Hilderbrand this weekend.. all of her books are so great! I love books that take place around Nantucket, they're such great summer reads!

I've turned into a speed reader.. I'm already starting on my fourth book of summer and I've only been out for 2 weeks! If you have any great reads let me know! (I've already read the Emily Giffin books, Water for Elephants and the Help) So any suggestions are welcome!

And finally... today I'm going Apartment hunting with my parents for fall, so please wish us luck!

Hope y'all had great weekends!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Finally I'm back.. and I'm linking up with sweet Jamie for WILW!

Today I'm loving...
1. This gorgeous weather! Monday me and my sweet mama spent the whole day raking out all the flower beds at home.. you would not believe the mountain of leaves we piled up!

2. Something Borrowed! Sarah, Ally, and I went to see it Friday night and it definitely lived up to the book! I LOVED IT! Make sure you read the book if you haven't already.. and then GO see the movie so Something Blue gets made!

Seriously, John Krasinski.. ADORABLE!
I can't wait for the movie to be out on DVD.. buying that in a HEARTBEAT!

3. I'm loving last night's GLEE Prom episode. One of the best in a while! :)

4. I'm loving that tonight my parents have Supper Club at our house.. and I get to join in for the homemade pizza :)

And.. I'm really having a blogger's block lately.. so sorry for my lack of posting. Hopefully I'll be back soon! :)
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wow I'm Behind!

I never managed to blog about Easter!
probably due to the fact that I had 3 finals the Monday following Easter Sunday.. but whatever! 
I managed to enjoy Easter lunch with my family at my great-grandmother's house before heading back to school to study my tail off. :) 

So here we are before Church in our Sunday best! 

 and my sweet mama packed me a plate for my lonesome Easter dinner 

 It's so pitiful. I cried on my way back to school.. Spending Easter afternoon and night alone is incredibly depressing! But I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families! And pardon this belated blogpost!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Award Catch Up!

Since the last few weeks have been hectic, 
I haven't had time to catch up with the Blog Awards that these 2 lovely ladies gave me! :)

Sweet cRk at Preppy Lane gave me this award!
 Make sure you check out her adorable blog! She has THE cutest clothes, and I'm sure would love for you to pay her a visit! 

And then I got this award from Sarah @ Life's Short.. Poupard! Be sure to check out her blog! She's my god-sister in real life ;) and I KNOW she would love for you to stop by!

With both awards I have to share 7 fun facts and pass the award on to 15 other bloggers! Woo! Let's get started! 

1. My daddy is a photographer, and I love pictures. Anytime I'm in a need of a new facebook profile pic, it's a 5 minute fix when I'm home. So in honor of my first week home for summer, I got this one taken today!

2. I hate going to the doctor. If I'm sick that's fine, I can totally handle a strep test. But the dermatologist or anyone who needs to use a doctor tool on me makes me have trouble breathing and almost pass out. Just thinking about it makes me lose my breath. I'm a freak of nature! 

3. I hate my nose. From the front it's okay, but I absolutely hate my profile. I've always been self-concious about it.. and I know if I had it fixed my confidence would go up ten fold. I got made fun of on the playground in elementary school for it, and I guess every since I've been self-concious about it. You'll never ever see a picture of me from the side because I delete them immediately. I have a bump in my nose.. and one day when I overcome my doctor fear I might just have to get myself a nose job. I know you should love yourself the way you are, and last week's GLEE episode was totally aimed at me, but I've tried to accept it, and I still lack confidence on a daily basis because of it. (woo, intense run-on sentence there)

4. I'm one of the only people without an iPhone, other than Ally. true fact.

5. I've jumped off a bridge. Several times. :)

6. I pick my split ends and broken ends. It's a TERRIBLE habit. I seriously have a problem, I've done it  for years and can't break the habit. 

7. I have a shoe obsession. I own WAY too many pairs. 

These are just a few from my closet.. I need help ;)

and now,
I pass this on to all of my readers!
I appreciate y'all reading my blog each and every day, so this is personally addressed to YOU! ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Go Big or Go Home.

For Easter we decided to attempt Bakerella's 14 layer cake
It actually wasn't that difficult, just time consuming. It took a good 6 hours, and sadly I didn't really like the taste of it. Daddy and Mallory thought it was good, but me and mama thought it was awful. The layers were really chewy, which I guess they have to be with so many layers, but it was kind of disappointing. HOWEVER, it did Wow people when we sliced into it!

We followed Bakerella's directions and used the recipe she followed just FYI.
So get ready for picture overload, because we documented the entire process!
Mallory cut our wax paper circles so the cakes wouldn't stick to the pans
The stacking process
doesn't it look like pancakes with chocolate syrup?
all 14 layers!
All Iced Up!
The buttercream frosting recipe is delicious,
we all were sneaking some tastes after we finished frosting the cake!
Mallory & Mama
 And since we took the cake to Easter lunch, I didn't manage to get a great shot of the cake, but this at least shows you the inside!

It was definitely an experience, and now we can say we've baked a 14-layer cake.. but next time I might aim lower and try 10-layers.. I want fluffier layers than this cake had!