Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm linking up again with Jamie @ This Kind of Love.. check out her blog if you haven't because it is precious! and She's always SO positive and has the sweetest posts!
So other than the fact that I'm loving that it's wednesday...

1. I'm LOVING that my professor moved our organic test to next Wednesday instead of Monday! :) Now I won't have to worry about it as much this weekend!

2. I'm LOVING that we'll be leaving for the GA/FL game in only 2 days!!
3. I'm LOVING that my sweet mama travelled the globe to find me a red cardigan for this weekend and sent it up to me with some precious new jewelry!
4. AND I'm loving that DQ still has their chicken strip baskets on sale and I just ate one for lunch :)

Hope everyone's having a wonderful wednesday!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend recap

Me & Ally went to Athens to meet ST & CAT for our double date. We ate at Carraba's and then went back to ST's to watch Transformers 2.. SUCH a boy movie. But we had a blast!

Me and Mama went shopping for a game day dress for next weekend, ST & CAT are taking me and Ally to the GA/FL game so I was in desperate need of a cute game day dress! We went to Francesca's and found THE dress. And I was going to post a picture but I couldn't find one on their website.. so check back next week for pictures from the game :) I also got a cute ruffled red top from white house black market AND a houndstooth dress too. Gotta love sales! Then Saturday night was Mal's homecoming dance and she looked gorgeous AS usual.
Me, Mal, & Mama
Me and Daddy

ST's sweet little self wanted to take me out to dinner one more time this weekend before I headed back to school. We went to the country club to eat, which I'd never been to, and I had no clue what to wear because all of my clothes are up at school. I only brought home 2 cute outfits for the weekend because I wasn't expecting to do anything Sunday. So me and mama ran around the house trying to find something appropriate to wear.. all my dresses were too summery and then everything else was from 9th grade. Ally was texting me during all of this and stressing out for me! haha FINALLY we found some old khaki pants and a cardigan in the VERY back of my closet from my highschool days. The whole thing was STRESSFUL. But it all came together.. and we had a really good time :)

and now.. it's back to reality.. studying and studying my life away.. but counting down the days til we leave for jacksonville! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paint Party!

Thursday night was Phi Mu's annual paint party on campus. It's basically a dance party.. with pans full of paint and you throw it on people.. Sounds weird but it's a total blast. Here's a few pictures from last year's:
Basically, you get COVERED in paint. And yes, it does destroy the shower.. luckily last year we didn't have to clean them since we had community bathrooms.

Here's a few pictures from this year's paint party.. I just didn't stay in the tent as long.. so the result wasn't as great this year. Not exactly smothered in paint like last year. :)
With the ROOOOMS!! :)

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm finally linking up @ This Kind of Love! I'm so happy this week is halfway over.. and it's been a VERY nice and calm week compared to most. So I'm LOVING that.. but I'm also loving...
Burlap TOMS! I used to think they were hideous.. and nowI'm dying for some. And mama surprised me yesterday and is ordering me some! So I'm loving that these are on their way in the mail! :)
This Wave Medallion skirt from Vineyard Vines, just precious!
This Vestiges Dress from Anthropologie.. I am in love!!
AND halloween oreos. They're the BEST, they have more creme in the middle or something.. either way me and Ally are obsessed!
Happy Wednesday ya'll!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a whirlwind!

Quick weekend recap..
This weekend me and Ally were ALL over the place! We went home Friday after class to help her sister out with her niece's birthday party. We had to dress up in random halloween costumes and hand out candy to the little kiddies. The party was decorated to the TEE and it was at this cute barn!
We look like TOTAL goobs
Then we came back to school after the birthday party so we could wake up for the festival CHAOS!
Poor Ally, Jess, and Emily had to work parking from 7am til 1:30. So in the meantime I just perused the booths with some friends and got my fill of the fall festivities & massive crowds.
After Ally was done working we headed to Athens to visit some folks.. and hit up the Varsity.. only the best place EVER. And ST met us there.. (my hot date for this coming weekend) and he just kept us laughing! :)
Then we went back to CAT's apartment (ally's man). And I went to the bathroom and realized I left the tag on my new jeans!! HOW EMBARRASSING!! So Ally had to get a pic...
We had so much fun.. and it was a nice escape from our dreadful school lives right now..
Then Sunday we hit up the festival again because my sweet mama and little sis came.
The weekend was a WHIRLWIND.. I swear it went by SO fast.. Sorry for such a spastic and random post, but it's about all I have time for right now! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

blogger fail

Wow. I am an intense blogging fail this week. I had every intention of doing What I'm Loving Wednesdays with This Kind of Love, but never finished the post so that'll just be postponed til NEXT wednesday. And in the meantime life got hectic and I never posted. So here's a quick overview of the fun weekend in store!

This weekend is a big festival in our college town, over 100,000 people come each year so it's a pretty big deal. It's both Saturday & Sunday and my belly is going to be full of all sorts of delicious festival foods. Funnel cakes, my favorite! AND.. all of the fun booths full of crafts! I can't wait!
I didn't actually get any pictures of the festival last year.. so instead here are some pictures around campus last fall.. one of which has Sarah Holly, one of my bffs. :) I just love when all of the leaves start changing colors, and this weekend they should be about to their peak! Hope everyone has a great weekend! And I'll definitely have a post to come with pictures from the festival!

Monday, October 11, 2010


This weekend was our fall break and we got Friday off. Wooo!! One whole day of fall break! Friday me and mama went jean shopping because I was in major need of new jeans. And Jean shopping is ALWAYS the worst because no jeans fit me good. I have no butt. at all. But luckily GAP was successful and I racked up on a few pair. :)
Then Saturday night Ally & I went to Athens to one of our friends from high school's house. He's a football player for UGA, and we got word that there would be some other football players there so we thought hey! let's go! It ended up being a total high school reunion, and it was so good to see everyone.
(Ally, Me, & Ashley)

We also met a bunch of new people.. AND... I have a double date set up with Ally & her man, and one of the housemates of our football player friend, ST. (He's pictured below) I am super excited!
(Ally, me, & ST)

We had so much fun in Athens, and can't wait to go back again soon to see everyone. :)
This morning reality hit again when my alarm went off for school. I snoozed for a while and then just threw on a hat and went to class. I was NOT feeling like getting ready this morning. So I'm running a little late at this point and I run to pop a bagel into the toaster. (Which I've been craving since my purchase yesterday, they're raisin cinnamon swirl!)

Well I run back into the kitchen to retrieve the bagel and it smelled burned. I had even put the bagels on the lowest setting. They were BLACK! and then as I'm trying to get them out of the toaster the smoke detector starts going off. So I started panicking. I was afraid it would set off the fire alarm in the whole apartment building, and make everyone have to evacuate at 8am all from my breakfast bagel! So I started fanning the smoke detector with the placemats from our table, they were the FIRST thing I could grab. And it finally went off. What a wonderful way to start my week! Hopefully things will get better.. and I can actually ENJOY a bagel tomorrow morning. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Puppy Love

Last night I was surfing the web and started looking at Athens humane society website's adoptable pets. I am in love. I picked out like 15 new pets for myself. I'm a dog lover for sure, and these pets and their sweet little biographies just made my heart melt so I'm going to share some of my favorites with you. And if you're from Georgia or anywhere nearby maybe you can be a home for one!

Meet Cookies..
Cookie's face is just PRECIOUS. How can you deny that sweet face?

Hello Alfred...
Alfred has such pretty coloring and it matches his pretty golden brown eyes. He is just so pretty to me, and it breaks my heart his ribs are showing :(

Meet Millie...
I love her orange tufts of hair on her ears.

Say hello to Ellis..
Ellis came from a hoarding situation, she's a labradoodle and they had to shave her because she was so matted up. I want to take her home with me! She is too cute!!

If you are interested in any of these sweet pups you can find them at these 2 websites: Circle of Friends Animal Society & Athens Animal Control. Hope everyone's having a fantastic friday! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What else can go wrong?

This week has tried my patience. And sorry that this is going to be a major complaining vent session but it's one of those weeks. Let me start by saying, I have studied my behind off for a good 3 weeks now.. probably studied 100+ hours for my organic chem test, to the point that I've hardly even seen my roommates. I hired a tutor this go around and studied every night throughout so that I wouldn't be studying only for the last week of the test. I felt prepared. Thought I was going to straight up ROCK this test.

Well my professor Dan ,we like to call him by his first name, is a little trickster. He made that test so difficult that no one knew what the heck to do. I know organic is supposed to be one of the hardest classes you take, but I really don't want to sit through this very class 2 semesters in a row having to retake it. That messes with my plan. Well then after that dreadful test was over, I had to work on the LAB assignment for our lab we had 2 hours after the test. So I didn't get a mental break after he fried my brain. Well the lab turned out to be just as dreadful.
No one knew what in the world we were supposed to do, and then I FINALLY figured it out. Only 2 hours later at the completion of the lab my substance didn't look the way it was supposed to. Me and the lab assistant pondered it forever and he couldn't figure out what happened since I had done everything right. GRREEAT! So now I'm on the verge of tears and he says I have to start over. Are. You. Kidding?! Quick summary, I had to do it 3 times because mine kept doing weird stuff. I was THE last one to leave the Lab and at this point I had been doing chemistry from 9-6. Running off 5 hours of sleep.
Well as soon as I got back to my apartment I basically cried for a good hour. And then cleaned the bathroom because that is ONE thing I CAN seem to do right haha. Then this morning I woke up at 6:45 to get ready for my 8am Bio Lab.. hike 20 minutes up to the building sit there for a good 15 minutes and then find out lab was cancelled. What else can possibly go wrong with my week?! On a positive note. My weekend finally begins at 5:30 today. So I'm anxiously awaiting my afternoon classes so I can LEAVE and go HOME!! Sorry for complaining.. tomorrow I will post something happy.