Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finishing it Off

This fall weather is just so wonderful! This morning I woke up and it was in the 50s outside!! And now it's barely into the seventies. So I'm getting really excited about pulling out my fall and winter clothes. I love wearing all of my scarves and turtlenecks with cute flats around campus. So in honor of fall, my Dad is going to take my pictures today so I can have a new fall profile picture :) Gotta love having a photographer for your daddy! So I'll be posting that up shortly, and in the meantime I'm going to finish off the blogging challenge.
Daddy took these last year up near my college.. I just love the beautiful fall leaves in the mountains!

Day 9: Two words that describe your life right now.

1. Happy
  • I'm having so much fun with my life right now, despite the hard school work. Loving my roommates, friends, and all the fun times we have together.
2. Blessed
  • I've been so blessed to have such wonderful people come into my life over the past year. Without them there is NO way I could get through my school work everyday. I'm been blessed to go to my lovely college, which I absolutely love and I dread having to leave it one day. This past year has just been such a year of blessings and I'm so thankful for each one of them.
Day 10: One confession.

Me and Ally pretend to have a cooking show everyday at lunch, and occasionally at dinner. We know it's weird, but it makes cooking 10x more fun. Our show is a mixture of Cooking with Paula and Cooking with the Neely's. We love it. And I KNOW you wish it actually aired on food network so YOU could watch. ;) Maybe one of these days...


Anonymous said...

love the shoe banner! of course, can't you tell i'm a woman at heart?! :)

littledaisymay said...

Beautiful fall pictures! Hope you had a great weekend :)