Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paint Party!

Thursday night was Phi Mu's annual paint party on campus. It's basically a dance party.. with pans full of paint and you throw it on people.. Sounds weird but it's a total blast. Here's a few pictures from last year's:
Basically, you get COVERED in paint. And yes, it does destroy the shower.. luckily last year we didn't have to clean them since we had community bathrooms.

Here's a few pictures from this year's paint party.. I just didn't stay in the tent as long.. so the result wasn't as great this year. Not exactly smothered in paint like last year. :)
With the ROOOOMS!! :)

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!


Jamie said...

Oh how fun!

Laura said...

that looks like SOOOO much fun!!! :) did you do a facelift on your blog?? it looks different.. and awesome!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Ahhh what a mess! But it looks like a ton of fun!

Kristin said...

wow that looks REALLY fun!! do they have paint buckets all inside the tent?