Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a whirlwind!

Quick weekend recap..
This weekend me and Ally were ALL over the place! We went home Friday after class to help her sister out with her niece's birthday party. We had to dress up in random halloween costumes and hand out candy to the little kiddies. The party was decorated to the TEE and it was at this cute barn!
We look like TOTAL goobs
Then we came back to school after the birthday party so we could wake up for the festival CHAOS!
Poor Ally, Jess, and Emily had to work parking from 7am til 1:30. So in the meantime I just perused the booths with some friends and got my fill of the fall festivities & massive crowds.
After Ally was done working we headed to Athens to visit some folks.. and hit up the Varsity.. only the best place EVER. And ST met us there.. (my hot date for this coming weekend) and he just kept us laughing! :)
Then we went back to CAT's apartment (ally's man). And I went to the bathroom and realized I left the tag on my new jeans!! HOW EMBARRASSING!! So Ally had to get a pic...
We had so much fun.. and it was a nice escape from our dreadful school lives right now..
Then Sunday we hit up the festival again because my sweet mama and little sis came.
The weekend was a WHIRLWIND.. I swear it went by SO fast.. Sorry for such a spastic and random post, but it's about all I have time for right now! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun and busy weekend!

I love the Varsity too :) Yum!

Ally said...

Ok this CRACKED me up...ST and CAT. PRICELESS. Youre like another one of our fav fellow bloggers ;) jk