Friday, October 15, 2010

blogger fail

Wow. I am an intense blogging fail this week. I had every intention of doing What I'm Loving Wednesdays with This Kind of Love, but never finished the post so that'll just be postponed til NEXT wednesday. And in the meantime life got hectic and I never posted. So here's a quick overview of the fun weekend in store!

This weekend is a big festival in our college town, over 100,000 people come each year so it's a pretty big deal. It's both Saturday & Sunday and my belly is going to be full of all sorts of delicious festival foods. Funnel cakes, my favorite! AND.. all of the fun booths full of crafts! I can't wait!
I didn't actually get any pictures of the festival last year.. so instead here are some pictures around campus last fall.. one of which has Sarah Holly, one of my bffs. :) I just love when all of the leaves start changing colors, and this weekend they should be about to their peak! Hope everyone has a great weekend! And I'll definitely have a post to come with pictures from the festival!


Kerri said...

It's okay, your fail is no where as terrible as mine. I forgot to upload pictures from the BEGINNING of the month, now that's a fail, esp because they are cute!

Jamie said...

I just love fall fairs and festivals :) Hope you had a good time!