Friday, October 26, 2012

The Rivalry.

It's quite possibly one of the most wonderful weekends of the year: the Georgia/Florida game in Jacksonville.
Also known as, "the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party." And you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be heading down for it this year! The GA/FL game is one of those things that any Georgia fan should experience at some point in their life. You just can't even put into words the amount of fun and craziness that goes down in one weekend.

Here's some flashback photos from last year's trip :) Can't wait to see what this year has in store!

Now off to a weekend of shenannigans! ;) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Go Dawgs!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hitting the Pavement.

My half marathon is coming up November 3, less than a month left until the big day and I'm starting to feel so anxious.

Running has been such a journey for me, throughout this entire training process. I started running at the end of May/Early June, and at that point in time I could barely run a mile. Yesterday I did my longest run to date-- 8 miles. I have come such a long way since I started all of this, and my next long run is when I'll be going for those double digits: 10 miles.

Something about pushing your body to its limit, and proving to yourself that you are better than you thought is just so rewarding. I've really proven to myself that I am more than capable of things that I never dreamed possible. With every step, and every mile I continue to learn more about myself.

Ben is training for the half too, and we talked last night about how running long distances makes you doubt in yourself, and believe in yourself all at once. I definitely never imagined I would gain so much out of signing up for a half-marathon on a whim, but in any training I think you really test yourself and your limits. You learn a lot of things about yourself physically, but you also find yourself learning a lot of life lessons. There's so much time to think when you're trucking along on that pavement, and as cheesy as all of this is: I've really come to love it.

I've always been the girl who hated running, hated working out, dreaded the thought of even running a mile. Then I started hearing of all these people doing half marathons... and secretly wished I could actually do one. I mean, what an accomplishment! It lingered in my mind for months... until I finally just thought, Why CAN'T I do one? What makes me think that I can't accomplish that too? And here I am, running my little tail off and working towards that 13.1.

A lot of you are runners too, what are some of those things running has done for you?
Aaaaand do you have any advice for first-time half marathoners?

Happy Monday friends!