Monday, August 30, 2010


Week 2 of classes. I'm exhausted and it's only monday. This is not a good sign!! One reason I'm tired is because I stayed up watching the Emmy's, and I must say there were not too many impressive dresses. But anyways.. this afternoon I have been trying to stay focused and get all of my work done.. but I just keep thinking of how great a nap would be, how I need to put up clean dishes, run the dishwasher, clean the bathroom.. so I just can't stay focused. I swear I stay stressed because I constantly think of what all I need to do and it becomes overwhelming. I'm trying to be better. :)
But this afternoon I went ahead and cooked all of our dinner for tonight so that we just have to assemble it and chow down. I'm trying a new recipe me and mama saw in the new Paula Deen, it's a tailgating recipe that just makes my mouth water! They're Chili Lime chicken wraps. Yumm.. and I already mixed up the tortilla filling and it looks good.. so hopefully it will be :)
Tonight is Zumba at the fitness center and I. am. pumped. Let me just say, I am a very bad dancer. I definitely dance like a white girl. But I absolutely LOVE zumba. The instructor at our school is this hilarious guy who can shake his booty like nobody's business. (He's gay, and makes the class so much more fun.. I wish you could see him dance to Bootylicious, amazing.) The first time me and Emily went we were laughing so hard at ourselves, and the things he says. For example, last year one of the songs was a Britney Spears song and he said, "You are going to look like S-L-U-T's.. but ladies that is the point! This is Britney!! Do. her. Justice." I mean, hilarious. So we are so excited to start back with zumba and get a great workout and tons of laughs.
So until it's time to head to Zumba.. time to crack the books! Hope everyone is having a splendid monday!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Betsy's Sick

For about 2 weeks now my poor little car, nicknamed Betsy, has had trouble cranking. So today when I got home from school me and my dad went to Advance Auto Parts to get the battery checked. Well... the trip that was supposed to take 30 minutes took over an hour.
Since my car is a VW and the battery is in a very inconvenient spot only professionals are supposed to handle it, but the nice guy working helped me and my dad get it out anyways. They tested it and it was completely dead.. so they put it on the charger for 30 minutes and we shopped around the car stuff. (how exciting.. not!) I got me some new windshield wipers though :) And then after 30 minutes the verdict was.. that my battery was bad! ugh! Well then.. come to find out, my battery is still under warranty so we get a new one for free!! BUT (there always seems to be a but) they were out of the battery we needed. Lovely. After calling all surrounding stores, including the one up at school, no one had the battery I need. No one.
(She looks orange, but she really is red haha)
So poor little Betsy is going to have to wait a week while they order it from Bangladesh or wherever it comes from. Who knows.
As for my weekend.. I am so excited it is finally here!! Now time to crack open the books and jump on some homework.. oh I wish I was that motivated. Instead I'll probably be reading my "pleasure reading" right now because it is sooooo good. If you need a book to read.. check this one out.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Low Country Boil

Tonight Phi Mu and Sigma Chi hosted a Low Country Boil on our campus drill field. It was so much fun, and the weather was just right! And the food... DELICIOUS! :)
I thought the table arrangements were adorable
All the food!
My plate.
My bff & roomie Emily and me.
All of the Roomies!
Hometown girlies.
Well thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I've had about all I can handle this week! :) Now time to go for a quick run and then attack the homework.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's just One of Those Weeks

This week has been getting me down in the dumps. I don't particularly know why.. but it has. It's a mixture of being the first full week of classes, the fact that I have organic chemistry (go ahead, make the face), and the fact that I never actually got a full break from classes since I only had 7 days of summer. I hate to be a complainer, but sometimes it just makes you feel better. So I'm going to try to do it in a more positive light.. and say "I wish...." because that won't make me sound so dreadful and depressing.

I wish...
  • The people who live in the apartment above us didn't walk around stomping like elephants at all hours of the night.
  • My room wasn't the one right beside the stairwell, or that people ran up and down the stairwell at 1am.
  • I could fast forward through all of this chemistry and go to pharmacy school.
  • I had the motivation to go to the gym everyday.
  • I didn't feel the need to eat dessert after every meal.
  • Other people's drama didn't have to interrupt my life.
  • I didn't stress about small things.
  • I could go home and have a meal with my family and sleep in my big comfy bed.
  • My sweet puppy dog could stay with me at school :)
On a more positive note, we got new pillows and decorations for our living room. If you wanna see pictures click on over to Ally's blog because she took some good ones.. annnnd I'm too lazy to upload mine and crop them and all that jazz. But that's all for now because I am plum wore out. Night bloggers! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 Questions

I couldn't think of anything to post about, because now that school has started back into full swing I am just feeling boring and unmotivated. Soooo.. I stole this fun 30 question thing from A Sweet Georgia Peach. Her blog is adorable so if you aren't a follower.. go check it out and follow her!

1. Do you plan outfits?

Yes, I usually try to have an idea of what I wanna wear at night.. and then plan it while I get ready in the morning.

2. What is the closest thing to you that is red?

The super cute pillow we just bought for our couch at Kirkland's!

3. What are you craving right now?

Some Inoko's teriyaki chicken and fried rice. yummmm!!

4. Do you bite into your ice cream or lick it?

Definitely lick it!

5. Have you ever met a celebrity?

No.. unfortunately. Maybe one of these days.

6. Do you like cottage cheese?

Well I technically don't know because I can't bring myself to try it. It looks disgusting!

7. What are you listening to right now?

Fool's Gold playing on TV

8. Were your parents strict?

Not really, I had to be home by certain times but that was about it. They raised me right so they never had to worry :)

9. Would you go to dinner with George W. Bush?

Duh!! Then I would be able to say I have met someone famous!

10. What are your plans this weekend?

Well.. going home to chill with my family and maybe going to the lake.

11. Are you clumsy?

Sometimes, but I don't trip everytime I walk! haha

12. Favorite time of the year?

Spring or fall.. This summer weather is TOO hot! And Winter is way too cold.. I like the happy medium when the season's change :)

13. Favorite color?

I have two favorites, Pink & Green.

14. Are you sarcastic?

Occasionally, yes.

15. Do you sleep with the tv on?

No, I cannot stand having the tv on when I'm trying to sleep. I have to have the hum of my fan and complete darkness.

16. Name 3 things you bought yesterday:

1. Moe's Quesadilla
2. Groceries
3. Pillows

17. Could you ever forgive a cheater?

Hard to say, I've never had to and I like to say "once a cheater, always a cheater" but It's hard to know unless you're in the situation.

18. What Are you wearing?

A big old comfy tshirt and some old shorts. Comfort clothes. :)

19. What is your favorite candy?

Reese's or Twix.

20. Any particular candy you ate as a kid?

M&Ms, Fun Dip, Airheads, Zebra Stripe Gum!

21. Sexiest part on a man's body is.....

Where to begin.. eyes and smile definitely make the list.

22. What is your favorite thing that is green?

Money :) Too bad it doesn't grow on trees because trees are my second favorite thing that's green!

23. What did your last text message say?

"Okay sounds good"
how boring is that?! haha.. it was in response to going to the gym tomorrow ;)

24. What is your middle name?


25. What do you smell like?

Laundry detergent and VS Pink Lotion! My favorite!

26. What is the way to your heart?

Honesty, Humor, Sincerity, Love, Kindness

27. What is the last movie you saw in the theatre?

This is sad.. I can't really remember. Uhh.. Sex and the City 2, Killers, or New Moon.
They all came out around the same time so I really can't remember!
28. What words do you use when people pass gas?

Shoooweee.. You stink!!
haha jk.. it depends on who it is that passes it!

29. Name a song you know all the words to:

Any throwback Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys!
Or John Mayer. Why Georgia, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, or In Your Atmosphere.. those are some of my jams.

30. What were your favorite childhood shows?

Full House, Ghostwriter, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pancake Party

Monday night we had a pancake party at our apartment and invited our friends from my old hall over. It was so exciting to see everyone after a summer apart, we were all so close spring semester last year! And I miss not being 2 doors down from each of them!
Me and Emily were the hostesses/cooks. And we sported our new aprons, compliments of Emily's sweet mama! :)
Ally joined in on the pancake party and got to meet all of our sweet A200 ladies!
Emily & Me Mixing up the pancakes!
Emily is a professional little pancake maker! Look at that perfection!

All of the sweet A200 ladies who came! :)
The Feast!
We had so much fun all catching up and laughing at everyone's crazy summer stories! Today was the first day of class.. and after a 20 minute walk to my first class I was sweating and out of breath. I feel so out of shape, but those hills are ridiculous! (part of going to school in the mountains I guess) I had Biology and Organic Chemistry today... and it wasn't as bad as I expected. I think I can handle this. We'll see if I'm feeling that positive next week! ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to 1403!

I haven't been able to update in a while because life has been hectic!! Sunday we moved in to our new apartment and I am looking forward to a great year with my new roommates: Ally, Emily, and Candace.

The night before move in day my sweet mama made me a delicious "last meal" with all of my favorites.. including caramel cake for dessert. She is the best!
Sunday morning we went to church, and then headed out with a loaded suburban and VW bug.
It took several hours for us to unpack everything and get everything looking how we wanted, and then our parents had to leave. and Ya'll, I am so sensitive and emotional, every single year my parents drop me off at school I end up crying. Something about them saying bye and leaving me at school just makes me burst into tears. It's so hard!! But luckily Ally is the same way so we could comfort each other.
(all of the damages in our apartment, and YES we listed EVERYTHING, I refuse to be charged at the end of the year for stuff I didn't do!)

The following 24 hours consisted of sponges, lysol, and a whole lot of scrubbing. Our apartment was FILTHY when we moved in. Obviously whoever lived there last didn't own a mop, sponge, or ANY cleaning supplies. Ya'll, I scrubbed stuff I never in my life thought I would have to scrub. Our shower had mold all in it, and other nasty stuff from people who I don't even know, and let me just say, it. was. gross. :-P
So after bursting into tears, crying to Ally, AND calling my mama... I eventually managed to get it clean enough to stand in. But let's just say I won't be taking a bubble bath here.
And then Monday morning we all got on our hands and knees and scrubbed each individual tile in the kitchen and bathroom. We felt so accomplished! And our apartment smells so wonderful each time we walk in the door! I love the smell of freshly cleaned stuff! :)

I will definitely be adding more pictures of the apartment soon! AND pictures from our pancake party we had last night, but that's all I have time to post right now! Class starts tomorrow so I have to psyche up!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Craft Time!!

A few weeks ago I came across the cutest "book wreath" on a blog. (If you wanna make yourself one check it out here!) And so me & Ally decided to try to make ourselves one!
So we hit up dollar tree and Hobby Lobby (our favorite store EVER) and stocked up on supplies last week.
The supplies for this project are less than 5 bucks, and we decided to add some feathers and flowers for some extra pizazz so it made it a little more, but still less than $10. :) And last night we got started.
It was a really simple craft, you just had to get a book and foam wreath and you roll up the pages and glue them on! And the end result is great! Pictures don't do it justice!
Our messy workspace :)
It took a while, but we had a blast making them and in the process came up with some new ideas for some future wreaths we want to make.
We added some scrapbook paper in the middle of some of the regular book pages to spice it up a bit. But my blue was a little too light to show up well in pictures..
Then we added our flowers and feathers! Ally's is the pink with peacock, it turned out SUPER cute! and mine is the brown and blue. I can't wait to hang it up in my room when we move in! I think I'm going to get some brown ribbon and tie a really pretty bow to hang it up with. There will definitely be pictures to come of my new room with my book wreath!