Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's just One of Those Weeks

This week has been getting me down in the dumps. I don't particularly know why.. but it has. It's a mixture of being the first full week of classes, the fact that I have organic chemistry (go ahead, make the face), and the fact that I never actually got a full break from classes since I only had 7 days of summer. I hate to be a complainer, but sometimes it just makes you feel better. So I'm going to try to do it in a more positive light.. and say "I wish...." because that won't make me sound so dreadful and depressing.

I wish...
  • The people who live in the apartment above us didn't walk around stomping like elephants at all hours of the night.
  • My room wasn't the one right beside the stairwell, or that people ran up and down the stairwell at 1am.
  • I could fast forward through all of this chemistry and go to pharmacy school.
  • I had the motivation to go to the gym everyday.
  • I didn't feel the need to eat dessert after every meal.
  • Other people's drama didn't have to interrupt my life.
  • I didn't stress about small things.
  • I could go home and have a meal with my family and sleep in my big comfy bed.
  • My sweet puppy dog could stay with me at school :)
On a more positive note, we got new pillows and decorations for our living room. If you wanna see pictures click on over to Ally's blog because she took some good ones.. annnnd I'm too lazy to upload mine and crop them and all that jazz. But that's all for now because I am plum wore out. Night bloggers! :)


Jessica W said...

at my apartment that I lived at during undergrad we used to have elephants living upstairs too! haha Jenn (who follows your blog too!) would get a plastic tub and bang on the ceiling at them -it was really funny!

Hope that you start feeling better about everything!!

Jenn W said...

haha yeshh i did! then we had to put paper in our lamp cover to keep it from shaking, seriously sounded like it would fall off the ceiling with every step they took!! definitely not pleasant.

CMae said...

Your wish list sounds exactly like things I'd say! LOL we have the same problem at our condo with the people above us...they are super nice people I just don't think they realize they are walking around so roughly....

I like dessert too!

I'm usually to tired from teaching all day to have any motivation and the last thing I want to do is the gym lol

the girl in the red shoes said...

Ohhh chemistry doesn't sound fun at all! I hope things get better for you!

p.s. keep eating the dessert!

Kerri said...

I have a few things for you.
1. I did make a face when I read organic chemistry.
2. My room is right by the stairs in our house and EVERYONE slams the door at all hours of the night and it drives me nuts. Oh, and try living literally SURROUNDED by fraternity men. Hellllo loud "feeling gooood" conversations in the wee hours of the morning. HA
3. I stress about small things too, so with the help of my biological sister, she has encouraged me just to take everything one day and one task at a time to cut down on my freak outs :)

littledaisymay said...

I SO wish I had the motivation to go to the gym every day too!