Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quick Recap of Life

That whole "blogging more regularly" thing was short-lived. I had no idea how limited my free time would be this semester apparently. 

But since I've last blogged -- I've enjoyed quite a few snow/ice days, watched the Winter Olympics like it was my job, wined and dined at a few cool places in Atlanta, Netflixed it up with Dexter, and of course -- studied pharmacy.

The girls from my freshmen hall all got together to have an Opening Ceremonies party for the Olympics - it was so fun to catch up with everyone again. We even had our own little Russian (picture - middle with the hat on). We got really into the Winter Olympics our freshmen year of college, so of course we had to go all out for the Opening Ceremonies. :)

Then I went through the Rush Process in Pharmacy School, which was so laidback.. I love it. I'm currently a KE pledge and I'm loving getting to know all of these sweet girls.

Masquerade Rush Party 

And we enjoyed a fun night in Athens with our crazy crew of friends..

Basically, that's all I've been up to. I lead SUCH an exciting life... haha #sarcasm

BUT, today I'm going to the Roswell Beer Festival with one of BFFs from school, so I can't wait to blog about that. (goal: to ACTUALLY blog about it.)

Happy Weekend Friends!