Monday, April 29, 2013

Terrapin Twilight

This weekend was the Terrapin Twilight Criterium through downtown Athens.
Which summed up: a Criterium is a bike race held on a short course, usually less than a mile. The course for Twilight circles through downtown Athens, aka one of my favorite places on planet earth. ;)

It's a fun weekend. They have stuff planned for Friday night, as well as all day on Saturday and since it only comes once a year we took full advantage of it. They have live music, beer gardens, and tons of festival foods. People come in swarms and cover downtown, and the atmosphere is unlike anything else.

Friday night they held the Red Bull Chariot races, which were so much fun to watch. Basically it's a bunch of college guys who built crappy chariots out of random items, duct tape and even baby toys. The carts have only two wheels, must carry someone in the back, and they have to make two laps around the track. Many of them fell apart before the end of the course and the crowds were so fired up.

Saturday afternoon we headed down to see the BMX portion. I had only ever watched BMX on the X-games on TV, so it was crazy seeing these professionals doing these tricks in person. It makes me so nervous! My friend Clay took this shot during the event. Very cool stuff.

After that we killed some time at Ted's until the prelims started. The weather was supposed to be rainy and nasty, but it turned into such a nice day.. and Ted's is definitely one of the best places in Athens to enjoy a Spring afternoon.

The best place to watch the race was definitely down at the turn by the Georgia Theatre. Y'all, they go zooming by. And we saw a few wrecks... which of course gets everyone excited. The wrecks are enough reason for me not to ever do one of these races. ;)

Once the night races started we paid to get into one of the beer tent areas right at the curve by the theatre. It was well worth the money, we got access to one of the prime spots and had food and drinks right at our finger tips.

My parents and their wild friends joined us later in the night too, and kept us very entertained. It was such a fun weekend, and now that it's over I need a week to recover. But it's finals week.. so it's time to buckle down. I can't wait to be done come Friday so I can enjoy my few weeks of Summer before my summer class starts. Wooo!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Sorry for the picture overload :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

All Things Spring Swap!

I participated in Lindsey's blog swap she hosted, because what better way to welcome spring than with fun packages and meeting new blogging friends?

I got the most adorable package from my sweet partner, Ally. Which you should definitely take the time to check out her cute blog, she has some of the cutest outfit posts!

She sent me two pairs of the CUTEST earrings and some chocolate. I am always in need of fun earrings, so I'm looking forward to styling these this Spring.

Thanks again Ally! I loved my package.

Happy Monday to all of you! and be sure to check out Ally's blog so you can see the package I sent her!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Making History.

WHAT a weekend.
Oh my word, what a weekend.
Friday night we had "Dawgs in the Park" at Six Flags, so UGA students had the park to themselves from 7 until midnight. It. Was. Awesome. Riding those roller coasters at night was so much more exhilarating than in the daylight. Other than the fact that we got stuck on the Georgia Scorcher for a good 35 minutes.. that's not fun.

Then on Saturday we got to be a part of history as they held the first concert EVER in Sanford Stadium. It was awesome. Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan... need I say more?

We got there a little early so we could tailgate for a bit before heading in.

the lighting was TERRIBLE inside the parking deck.

AND I was so excited to finally be able to meet Kerri. I swear, blogging friends are some of the most wonderful people. She is sweet as pie in person, as you can imagine if you read her sweet blog. Jamie was there for the concert too, so we had a quick meet up before all heading in to the concert!

The stadium was packed, it made it feel like a game day... such a tease! 

We sang our little hearts out ALL night and then headed downtown. Seriously, why do weekends ever have to end??

What did YOU do this weekend?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mal's Senior Prom

My sweet little sister is a High School Senior this year, and Saturday was her Prom.
It's so bittersweet when Senior year starts to come to an end.
It's such an exciting time as you approach graduation, but when you realize these are your last chances to do a lot of things it gets sad.

As Mallory was getting ready for prom she started getting sad about the fact that it's her last time to get dressed up for a high school dance. Time. Flies.

Andrew and Mal

 and honestly, seeing her in that gorgeous dress made me want to go back to my high school Prom EVEN more. I miss those days!

I just certainly don't miss the drama. I'm pretty sure every year I went to prom there was some sort of drama associated with the group, dinner reservations, pictures... you name it. But what's high school without drama? ;)

They're so precious! They had dinner in downtown Athens at La Dolce Vita before heading to the Classic Center for their prom. 

Now I wanna go put on a pretty dress and relive those Prom days. ;)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Athens

It's no secret that I love Athens, GA.
It has quickly become my home over the past 2 years, and I dread the day I have to move away.

I love all of the different parts of Athens: the restaurants, the bars, the downtown atmosphere. There is really nothing like Athens nightlife. Ask anyone who has lived in Athens and they'll tell you the hardest part is leaving it. It's a city that takes a special place in everyone's heart, and if you haven't experienced it, you're truly missing out on one of the great gems of the South.

A few months ago someone started a project on Instagram called "My Athens." Everyone was encouraged to tag their photos with #my_athens hashtag so that they could compile an art show to show off our beautiful city.

I have gotten so hooked on stalking the #my_athens hashtag that it's becoming a problem. I love seeing the different perspectives people have of our city. It makes you see things you might pass every day in a whole different light.

Instagram of the Hunter-Holmes building on UGA's campus; beside the Arch
Selected photos are shown in the gallery, and then available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Athens Habitat for Humanity. I was so excited that 3 of my photos were selected for the show, so my parents and a whole slew of us went to check it out on opening night last night.

Instagram from Sister Hazel concert at the Georgia Theatre (February 2013)
instagram from the Drive-By Truckers Concert at Georgia Theatre (August 2012)

Those 3 instagram photos are those of mine chosen for the show. It was so neat to see them in print on the wall alongside other photos of Athens life.

standing with one of my prints
It was such a neat show, and a wonderful way to showcase the beautiful city of Athens. They had books for sale with the prints featured in them, and the cutest shirts.. so of course we stocked up on Athens gear.

If you're in the area, definitely check it out. It's at the Bottleworks on Prince through April 20.

Check out the My Athens website here
aaand check out this article from The Red & Black (the Red & Black) about the project.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Pharmacy Decision

I never actually shared my final decision for Pharmacy school.
In fact, I don't think I even shared that I had a second interview at another college.
The last I mentioned of pharmacy admissions was my acceptance to PC in South Carolina.

Back in February I was granted an interview at Mercer's Pharmacy School in Atlanta. I felt much more prepared for that interview, I did my research and practiced with my coworkers so I would be ready for any pharmacy question they threw my way.

The interview went SO well. I loved the students I interviewed with, and the professor I interviewed with. I loved their curriculum, and I left praying for that acceptance letter. Keeping in the back of my mind that regardless, I still had a seat in a pharmacy school for the fall.. and whatever happens will happen.

In the meantime, as I waited to hear back from Mercer I finally got word from UGA's pharmacy school on that Tuesday. If you remember, I interviewed there last year but was put on the alternate list. I met over the summer with the admissions director about how to improve my application, and was crossing my fingers for an interview there again this year. Athens is my home now, and I really didn't want to leave. However, I got the email that I was not granted an interview there this year.. I was heartbroken. Rejection is hard. Reeeeally hard. But obviously, God has a bigger plan for me and it's not in Athens.

If there's one thing I've learned it's that a door may shut, but God always opens a window that has an even better view out there.

Wednesday morning as I was sitting in class I checked my phone and saw a missed call and voicemail from Mercer. I immediately called back, but had to leave a message. All day I was on edge waiting for my phone to ring. I thought, surely they don't call you unless you're accepted right? I mean... they don't call you and say, "sorry... you didn't get in."

FINALLY, at 6:45 that evening they called me back with my acceptance!
I'm so excited that I'll officially be attending Mercer University's Pharmacy School this fall, as the incoming Pharmacy Class of 2017. Holy moly... 2017. INSANE.

I've still got so many things to work out, finding a roommate, figuring out Atlanta... and of course all of the financial aspects (which really suck). I'm so excited to see what God has in store for me in Atlanta, and the fact that I'll be starting pharmacy school this fall seriously makes me teary-eyed. Y'all, I am beyond blessed. God is SO good.