Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shopping Spree!

Yesterday we went to Atlanta to browse the fancy shmancy stores ;)
We hit up Lenox Mall, then Phipps Plaza.. and man. The price tags on the things we saw just blew my mind. And even more than that, the fact that people PAY those prices... blows. my. mind. 
It was so much fun to go through the fancy stores though. I loved being able to see the things I drool over on the internet in real life. (Tory Burch revas, I will ONE day own you.) 

Bloomingdale's is basically my new favorite department store. I could blow some serious money in their dress department... and shoe department... and every department for that matter.

Guess I should start playing the lottery, huh?

BUT, while looking at the amount of money people spend on these designer things it makes me really sit back and think about those less fortunate than us. Around the holiday season it's so easy to get wrapped up in buying gifts and making our "want" lists. (and believe me, I'm VERY guilty. My nickname is "I-wanna") The amount of money we spend on gifts, and the high dollar price tag of some of my "want" items could go towards helping someone who can't even afford a warm winter coat. It makes me feel guilty.

I didn't really care for last week's Glee episode, but the message overall was a great one and really applies to this post. We so easily get caught up in our busy, hectic lives (particularly during the Holiday season) and we need to take the time to slow down and give back to our communities. Even if it's as small as baking a plate of cookies to take to a homeless shelter or nursing home, sharing a little bit of Christmas with those who need it most is one of the best gifts we can possibly give. 

So as we approach Christmas on Sunday, and you rush to the stores to finish up your last minute shopping.. take a minute to think about something small you could possibly do for someone who may need a little pick-me-up this Christmas season. I guarantee it will brighten your holiday season just as much as it does theirs. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!

I am FINALLY finished with my semester!
not looking forward to getting the grades back...
BUT no more Physics, EVER.
That is a reason to celebrate if I've ever heard one ;)

and I'm so happy I actually should have time to blog now. I have really been crunched with time and let it go... so sad. 

But a quick recap on my lovely weekend. :) 

My dear friend Sam turned 21 this weekend and we dinner and a party for her at my apartment over the weekend. 

us before dinner:
Emily's sis Amanda, Sam, Elise, Me, and Emily
and more friends joined us at dinner and my apartment afterwards for a few adult bevs ;)
we love our birthday girl!
sadly I had to cut out early and go to campus to study... (trying to be responsible)
but it was so much fun to hang out with all of the girls from High School! We never see each other with our crazy schedules and going to different schools. 

hope you all have been doing just wonderful! can't wait to catch up on your blogs over my CHRISTMAS break!!! (woohooo!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's been a while since I've linked up with Jamie for WILW! And I have so much that I'm loving this week!

What I'm loving...
Our Christmas Decorations.
I went a liiiiittle crazy this week buying decor. I just love Christmas time, it's my absolute weakness when I go shopping. So I came out of Target the other day with a bag full of goodies. I'm not totally done with my apartment yet... but here is a sneak peek of our tree. :)

still in the process of finding a tree skirt for it... 

The Michael Buble Christmas CD.
Like I said, Christmas time is my weakness.. and I had to buy it at Target today.. 
Holy smokes, what a great CD!
It made me emotional when I first put it in.... it's THAT good. His voice is so sexy.

I love Spotify. 
If you aren't on there.. check it out. It's like a free itunes, you just can't OWN the music. It's like pandora.. but you get to choose the songs. #obsessed
you can check out my latest playlist here.

I'm going to a Tacky Christmas Party this Friday, and I love putting together outfits for tacky parties.
Thank you Goodwill for your incredible blazers, and Target for your multicolored tights. Here's a sneak-peek: 
    pardon the background... I need to hang some pictures ;)

AND now I'm hitting the books for my final tomorrow.
In ONE week I will be DONE!!! :)

what are YOU loving today?!
Go link up with Jamie and share it with us!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And with Finals...

Comes the stress.
Wooo! Who loves finals week?!
NOT this girl.

The promise of Christmas break is so close I can taste it! And it's so hard to stay focused and study my life away.. but I'm trying! With multiple study breaks in the form of pinterest (sorry for my maniac pin sessions) and eating (can't help that I love food).  

May I also add, every other college is already out for Christmas. THANK you UGA for making us be the last ones out... although, UGA is better in all other aspects ;) 

It just stinks to see all the status updates on facebook about being done and out for Christmas. #sojealous

BUT, wish me luck on my finals! Say a special prayer for me, I definitely have some tough ones coming my way.

And I wish you EACH the best on your finals! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holy Smokes!

Holy Smokes!!! 
December ALREADY?!
Does it not feel like we just had Christmas?
Time just flies by, and it's really starting to scare me. ;)
I got home today and our family Christmas tree is up. #happiness

Over the next two weeks I have a busy, busy schedule between finishing up school, tacky Christmas parties (my favorite), Christmas shopping, Family Christmas parties, work, and THIS Saturday cheering my DAWGS on in the SEC Championship. 

What all do you have in store for the holidays?! 
I just loooooove Christmas.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rough Day.

Ever have those days that just start off badly, then progressively get worse....
until it reaches the point that you just have to step back, laugh, and ask "Now What?!"
yeahh... today has been THAT kind of day for me. 

No joke.
I babysit a little girl overnight because her mom works night shifts occasionally, and this morning she fought me for over 30 minutes when I was trying to get her ready for school. She's WAY too old to act like that.. and I was at a loss since I can't exactly spank someone else's child... I've never been so emotionally and physically drained.
Kids are in the distant future for me after this one.

So because of that scenario.. I got back to my apartment late, had to shower and get completely ready in under 30 minutes, and I hate being rushed. But hollaaaa.. I did it.

THEN.. proceed to physics.
that's self explanatory.

Then I realized my Calc II final coincides with my work schedule. Losing another day's work is not cool.. especially with Christmas and utilities. 

THEN, I get on the transit.. and if you follow me on twitter you know about that one. Quite a SCENE.. a scary man got off the bus without paying and the driver went GHETTO up on him. Threats to call the police were made.. the man starts taking off on his bicycle. #intensestuff

So, with all of this morning's happenings I decided to treat myself to Chickfila for lunch.
Me and my lovely roommate Jasmine went together through the drive-through. 
  We did 2 separate orders, so when I got to the window we paid for Jasmine's... the girl handed me Jasmine's food along with both of our drinks and then I gave her my money to pay for my order. She handed me my change and I drove off. Except, I forgot to grab my food. GAH!!! How embarrassing.

(in my defense: The bag with Jasmine's food was pretty big, so I thought both of ours could possibly be in there) 

 so I threw it into reverse.. then realized I couldn't back up because of the line of cars behind me. So I start to get OUT of my car to WALK back to the window... which is just shameful with the entire line of lunch drive-through people watching... but the Chickfila girl yells, "No, you can back up now! There's room!" 

So I back up.. get my food.. squeal tires out of that place, and have decided I can't go back to Chickfila until at least February. (surely they won't remember me by then ;) )

So it's only like 2:00pm and There's no telling what the rest of the day holds, but I'm pretty sure I've had enough excitement for the rest of my week.

And this may just be my longest post ever.

Hope YOUR day is going WELL! :) 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was such a reminder of how blessed we are to have such amazing family.
We had a HUGE gathering on Thanksgiving day. Mama had to triple her dressing recipe. and holy smokes.. she can cook some dressing y'all. ;)
We were so glad to have my Uncle and Aunt with us this year! For the past few years they've been living in Colorado, and they recently moved back to GA. It was so nice to get to see them again! and their newest addition to the family ;)

So of course we had to grab a picture of OUR portion of the Thanksgiving bunch:
We had a great week visiting with our South GA fam... definitely will share more pictures as soon as I have more time.
Now I dread getting back into school mode after a week off. BUT, the end is in sight!!! 
How was YOUR Thanksgiving?!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Concert Recap

Seeing as how I fell off the face of the earth with blogposts here lately,
I never had a chance to share with you the two concerts I went to last week.
  Tuesday night we went to Needtobreathe, and celebrated Ally's birthday!
 We had dinner at Speakeasy downtown before heading to the concert. If you like tapas, and are ever in Athens.. hit that place UP! ;)

AND then Thursday night was the crazy, WILD concert.
absolutely nuts, and so much fun.
George Clinton and Parliament
that's one of their biggest hits so you can kind of be clued in on the funkiness I saw. ;)

    This was by far the craziest thing I've ever been to. There were so many random people on stage... like at least 30 people at a time. It looked like they got all the random homeless people around Athens and asked them to come sing on stage. and then the door on the side of the stage would open and MORE rand-o's would come out. 
Including this alien with a giant joint. Uhhh....

It was pretty much a cloud of smoke in there between all the people on stage sharing their joints, and the sketchballs around us. Eclectic people.
So if you really want a SHOW... go to a George Clinton and Parliament funkadelic concert.
Definitely loads of entertainment. ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Time

It's finally here! 
Thanksgiving Break and all of its glory!
I'm so excited to spend time with my family this week.
Between work, school, and spending time with friends... I'm hardly ever home anymore.
Basically, I just love Athens so much I don't want to leave it too often. ;)

So we're heading down to South Georgia to visit with my Mama's side of the family for the next 5 days. 

AND exciting news,
We finally took an updated family portrait.
My parents are photographers.. but we hardly ever take the time to take pictures of our OWN family. 
So we did on North Campus at UGA last Sunday and I've been dying to post them. I just love North Campus in the fall.. the leaves are absolutely gorgeous, so I'm glad we were able to snag a portrait while they were so pretty

I'm definitely looking forward to having some time to blog over the break since I've become quite the slacker. I have a lot to catch you all up on! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wayne's World!! Party Onnnn!!!

Okay, so this is a movie I grew up watching.
[a little inappropriate for a 4yr old.. what were my parents thinking?]
and I pretty much quote it on the reg.

So I just have to know... are there any fellow Wayne's World lovers out there?
I've been watching youtube clips laughing my tail off! Garth makes me laugh so hard!

and this is definitely my favorite scene in the movie. Can't get enough.

Some clips from the whole movie:

I must say, they left some pretty significantly funny clips out of that compilation. ("Sucking my will to liiiive!")  But whaterrrr..

PLEASE tell me you've seen this movie.
and if SO.. what is YOUR favorite part?!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So over it.

School is sucking the life out of me. 
I don't have time to blog anymore... :(
and all I want to do in my free time is nap.
Where are you Thanksgiving Break?!?!?!?!

Only a few more weeks though.. I can make it! 
I miss reading your posts.. and I promise to back on my A-game during Thanksgiving! #cantwait
Here's some pictures from my weekend:
We watched the Alabama vs. LSU game and I got to see my sweet friend Taylor who I hadn't seen since my bday! :)
We hung out with the crazy boys.. 
And then we headed downtown to meet up with some of our friends!

Now time to get back to the books!
Hope you ladies are having a fantastic week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm from GA.... G-A!!!

Game day in Jax...
and our DAWGS did us proud ;)

It took us a good hour to get to our parking spot. The streets were all blocked off and one-way.. and I thought we would never get there. But FINALLY we made it, and we got our tailgate ready!

No GA/FL is complete without a trip to the Party Bus!! 
Some people from our hometown converted an old tour bus into the "Party Bus" that they take down to Jacksonville every year. It's got a big dance floor on the roof you can climb up to, and they blare music so everyone is always dancing in the street!

 and we SCORED!!!

 dancing in the streets to some Georgia songs!
 on top of the party bus after the game!

 Wow, sorry for the picture overload.
But that's my weekend in a nut shell! 
It's just hard to get back in the schoolwork mindset now..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hunker Down Hairy Dawg!

GA/FL weekend was AMAZING.
Our DAWGS won, we spent some wonderful time with friends, laughed too much, and danced our little behinds off. ;)

We stayed at my grandmother's on SSI, and that was the PLACE to be. 
So. Much. Fun. 

Picture overload so get ready. 

Friday we hit up Frat Beach, and I couldn't believe all of the people. It was nuts! Everyone was dressed in crazy clothes.. now I know to stop by a thrift store before next year.  
I love people watching.. so this was definitely the place to be. We saw Amy Winehouse:
After a few hours at the beach we headed back to my grandma's to get cleaned up before going out.
We hit up Bubba Garcia's and it was packed out.. I didn't manage to get any pictures from the night.. but we did hang out with some of the boys I went to high school with and it was loads of fun!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post with my actual tailgate & game pictures! ;)