Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hunker Down Hairy Dawg!

GA/FL weekend was AMAZING.
Our DAWGS won, we spent some wonderful time with friends, laughed too much, and danced our little behinds off. ;)

We stayed at my grandmother's on SSI, and that was the PLACE to be. 
So. Much. Fun. 

Picture overload so get ready. 

Friday we hit up Frat Beach, and I couldn't believe all of the people. It was nuts! Everyone was dressed in crazy clothes.. now I know to stop by a thrift store before next year.  
I love people watching.. so this was definitely the place to be. We saw Amy Winehouse:
After a few hours at the beach we headed back to my grandma's to get cleaned up before going out.
We hit up Bubba Garcia's and it was packed out.. I didn't manage to get any pictures from the night.. but we did hang out with some of the boys I went to high school with and it was loads of fun!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post with my actual tailgate & game pictures! ;)


Petchie said...

Looks from the picture that you had an amazing time!


Jessica said...

this looks like SO much fun!! love the pics!

Jamie said...

I love the tradition of the Ga/Fl game and Frat Beach.. I wish we could relive this past wknd a million times!!! HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS?! Woooo!!

Lauren said...

Looks like so much fun! How crazy are those clothes! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it, Leslie :) !!! You are beautiful, I love the red top!