Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wayne's World!! Party Onnnn!!!

Okay, so this is a movie I grew up watching.
[a little inappropriate for a 4yr old.. what were my parents thinking?]
and I pretty much quote it on the reg.

So I just have to know... are there any fellow Wayne's World lovers out there?
I've been watching youtube clips laughing my tail off! Garth makes me laugh so hard!

and this is definitely my favorite scene in the movie. Can't get enough.

Some clips from the whole movie:

I must say, they left some pretty significantly funny clips out of that compilation. ("Sucking my will to liiiive!")  But whaterrrr..

PLEASE tell me you've seen this movie.
and if SO.. what is YOUR favorite part?!


Neely said...

Love both movies! But the original is fantastic! Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?

Krystal said...

Absolutely one of my favorites!! LOL And of course Neely likes it too. We have good taste. =) We do Bohemian Rhapsody karaoke style a lot... the Waynes World version HAHAHA people think we are crazzy

Sam {} said...

ahhh! i haven't seen it since high school...must rent this weekend :)