Friday, September 21, 2012


Wednesday was my birthday, and it kind of came and went so quickly I'm still digesting that I even had a birthday.

I have literally had one of the craziest weeks (academics-wise) in my college career. I had the PCAT Tuesday, Anatomy Practical Wednesday, 8AM Nutrition Exam Thursday, Anatomy Exam today, and I have another Biochemistry of Micronutrients Exam on Monday. A solid week of exams. That shouldn't be allowed on your birthday week!

It was still a great birthday though. I am so blessed to have such sweet friends and family in my life who helped me celebrate and stay semi-stress free. ;)

We had lunch at the Last Resort, hands down one of the best restaurants in Athens. It was so delicious. I mean, check this burger out:

And Jasmine surprised me with a Gigi's Cupcake after my late class (pictured above). Could I ask for a better roommate? Nope.

22 has been kind of a weird birthday, I feel like it sounds like such a mature and responsible age. 
Maybe it's because I'm comparing it to 21, the wild and crazy birthday... where this one has been so mellow. I know 22 isn't old, but it's making me feel it. I don't know where time keeps going, but I wish it would slow down a bit... I'm not ready for the real world. :)

Hope you all have had a wonderful week! I wish my life would slow down so I could be back to my regular blogging, but soon enough!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I stress.
I worry.
I have emotional breakdowns.
and then I carry on with my life until I stress, worry, and break down again.

It's the way things go, particularly now that school is back in session.

This weekend I spent my entire Saturday devoted to Pharmacy school preparations.
It was Visitor's Day at UGA Pharmacy, followed by a PCAT review session, and then I worked on getting my application completed once I got home. It was an overwhelming day to say the least.

As I was working on submitting my coursework on my PharmCAS application, it hit me how hard I've worked these past three years. I've had a lot of late nights of studying, numerous hours spent in tutoring sessions, and countless phone calls to Mama for reassurance during those tearful breakdowns. I've felt overwhelmed, and discouraged.

But as I was going back through all of those hours of courses I've put in, I realized how hard I've worked in those classes has ultimately led me THIS much closer to what I want to become. All of the tears, and all of the late nights have taught me SO so much about what I'm capable of.  There's a reason I've been given this passion for Pharmacy. As I was listening to the current pharmacy students talk about their experiences in Pharmacy school at the Open House, it gave me chills realizing that one day I'll have those experiences too. That rewarding feeling the first time you're able to actually help a patient who has a question about their medication... I want it so badly.

I've spent the past three years gaining the knowledge necessary for beginning Pharmacy school, and in the next few weeks I'll be taking that PCAT again, as well as submitting my applications. There's nothing else I can do to prepare, and ultimately I have to have the patience to trust in God. Whether Pharmacy school happen next year for me, or in a few more years time... I'm trying to remember to give my worries up to Him. Everything always works out, even if it's not the plans we have for ourselves.

So this week I'm focusing on giving my insecurities, and worries up to the Lord. Learning to trust His will, and not my own.

Happy Monday sweet friends,

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ben Rector Concert

Ben Rector came to the Georgia Theatre this week for a Concert,
and could it have made my little heart any happier??

I've been looking forward to seeing him in concert since about this time last year, when Ally and I went to Atlanta for his concert. At that time the venue we saw him in was super small, and we ended up getting to meet him after the show. Not so much this time...

This time it was packed out, and a bigger venue for sure. It's amazing to see how much he's grown over the past year. No one knew his songs at last year's concert... this one, everyone was singing along. I just love it! He's up and coming my friends, if you don't know him... check him out NOW. And you can thank me later. ;)

It was also wonderful to run into these lovely ladies, blog friends turned in-real-life friends. Jessica and Jamie are THE sweetest.

It was such a great show! Can't wait to see Ben Rector again come Spring... when he hopefully comes to visit Athens again (fingers. crossed.)

and now for your listening pleasure... 
please do dance around your room to this one for me. I do it every time. ;)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Go Dawgs!

Saturday the Dawgs took on Buffalo.... and we sweat at least a gallon.
It was SO hot and miserable, but wonderful to be back in football season!

We had great seats in the student section, and great entertainment from drunk guys around us. Drunk people always love befriending the innocent bystanders, do they not??

and we had fun tailgating with all of our friends beforehand of course!

Now if the temperatures will get a liiiiittle cooler, the games will be even better! Because having to unstick your dress from your body every time the Dawgs score gets old! ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and your week is off to a great start!