Monday, September 10, 2012


I stress.
I worry.
I have emotional breakdowns.
and then I carry on with my life until I stress, worry, and break down again.

It's the way things go, particularly now that school is back in session.

This weekend I spent my entire Saturday devoted to Pharmacy school preparations.
It was Visitor's Day at UGA Pharmacy, followed by a PCAT review session, and then I worked on getting my application completed once I got home. It was an overwhelming day to say the least.

As I was working on submitting my coursework on my PharmCAS application, it hit me how hard I've worked these past three years. I've had a lot of late nights of studying, numerous hours spent in tutoring sessions, and countless phone calls to Mama for reassurance during those tearful breakdowns. I've felt overwhelmed, and discouraged.

But as I was going back through all of those hours of courses I've put in, I realized how hard I've worked in those classes has ultimately led me THIS much closer to what I want to become. All of the tears, and all of the late nights have taught me SO so much about what I'm capable of.  There's a reason I've been given this passion for Pharmacy. As I was listening to the current pharmacy students talk about their experiences in Pharmacy school at the Open House, it gave me chills realizing that one day I'll have those experiences too. That rewarding feeling the first time you're able to actually help a patient who has a question about their medication... I want it so badly.

I've spent the past three years gaining the knowledge necessary for beginning Pharmacy school, and in the next few weeks I'll be taking that PCAT again, as well as submitting my applications. There's nothing else I can do to prepare, and ultimately I have to have the patience to trust in God. Whether Pharmacy school happen next year for me, or in a few more years time... I'm trying to remember to give my worries up to Him. Everything always works out, even if it's not the plans we have for ourselves.

So this week I'm focusing on giving my insecurities, and worries up to the Lord. Learning to trust His will, and not my own.

Happy Monday sweet friends,


Southern Charm said...

This verse has been my verse for the year as I went through a major heartbreak last week. And I totally get where you're coming from, as my roommate is working on her pharmacy school applications. I'll be praying for both of you as you strive towards pharm school :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

you will do great!! I'll be thinking of you. best of luck girl!

Kristin said...

I can TOTALLY relate to you! I was the one of the few of my friends who knew EXACTLY what they wanted to study in college, never changed my major, etc. I had so much disappointment thrown in my face/way and ultimately made a decision to drop my education major in college (all i had left to do was student teach and they weren't letting me do it because they required my major to pass an impossible test and we were the only ones in the school of education that had to do it). When I made that decision, the support I had from friends was amazing and then I followed through on my dreams of being a Spanish teacher when I got my Masters in Education. Now here I am trying to find a job!

Sometimes God throws up little roadblocks in your way and I feel like it is to see how much you can handle and how you will overcome it. You WILL get there!!

I'll be thinking of you as you strive towards pharmacy school! Buena suerte!

Abbey said...


Annie said...

I'm sure you will do fantastic, Leslie! I'm praying for you!

Elle Hattan said...

Another great post! There's a good pharm program out here in LV, I think you should apply then we can be besties in real life too!