Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting By

This semester, holy moly, this semester...
Keeping my head above water is the best way to sum it up.
Very minimal free time these days, so blog posts are few and far between.

BUT, I'm getting by.
Keeping my spirits lifted with good music on Spotify.
The Lumineers? My favorite right now.

Imagine Dragons... kind of digging them too.
I could listen to music all day long on there, I love discovering new artists.
So it's just PERFECT to use in the background while I'm studying.

Over the weekend I took a break from the books, and headed to Terrapin (a brewery in Athens) with my parents and some of their friends. Terrapin is one of my favorite places in Athens, the atmosphere is pretty cool... with the live music and strung up lights, it's a fun place to venture out and try new beers.

And then that night I got tickets to Sister Hazel at the Georgia Theatre for Ben and I for Valentine's Day. It was such a great show! Granted, with the Georgia Theatre and us Athens folks as your audience... it would be pretty hard to have a bad show. ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Well, the last thing I left you with was that I thought I blew my interview...
but it turns out, they still liked me apparently.
I found out the day after my interview that I have been ACCEPTED to Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy! 
Just typing it takes my breath away a little bit.
I got the phone call during my physics class, and I couldn't answer. So I quickly checked my email while the professor was lecturing and saw the acceptance email. I couldn't stop shaking, and I was frantically trying to text everyone to let them know.

I cried the whole way home, and then after I got home.
Happy tears, the happiest tears I've ever cried.

All of the hard work I've put in over the past four years has finally paid off.
The uncertainty of whether or not I'll ever be good enough for a pharmacy school? Gone.
I WILL be in pharmacy school this fall, and it is such an incredible feeling.

I don't even know how to put it all into words, it's just so surreal.
I've waited for this moment for so so long.

and every step of this journey has been 100% worth it.

I'm so grateful for each and every one of you.
For listening to me vent about my struggles, and for giving me the much needed encouragement along the way.

I've still got two other schools I'm waiting to hear from, but regardless of what happens with those.. I've got a seat in a Pharmacy school. And I feel so incredibly blessed. God is so good.