Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welp! I'm on a Break!!!

Dear Fall Breeeeak,
Thank the good Lord above you are finally here! 

So yesterday,
I was too excited over the fact that it's FALL BREAK to do any homework.. so naturally, I did Sydney @ The Daybook's tutorial on her fabulous Bun. 
Hello new favorite thing.

It's super easy.. so you should go try it yourself.
and did I mention, I'm in love with my new sequin top from express CLEARANCE. #hollabackgirl

I've been lusting over sequins and their flashy amazing selves for quite some time... and this tank was on clearance this week. Don't ask me twice. ;)

Well ladies, I'm headed down to the coast for GA/FL this weekend. Words can't even begin to describe how excited I am at this given moment. :) :) :) 

So I'll catch you on the flip side!!
plus, that's more than enough old school mirror pic'ing for one post.
Peace and Blessings,


Jamie said...

You look ADORABLE!!

Nicole said...

I hope you have an awesome time!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with, Jamie!!
And I hope you have an AWESOME time during your break!

Marjorie said...

like the bun!

Ashley said...

You are too cute! Love the pictures!

Jenn W said...

luckyyyy...i want a fall break! ha we have no breaks between august and thanksgiving which really makes the time just dragggg on. hope you have a great long weekend :)

also.. love your outfit- so stylish!!

Sam {} said...

your bun is too cute!! have a great break :)

Jessica said...

The bun and the top are so cute!! And have fun on break! :-) We don't get a fall break, but our Christmas break begins super early, so I'm loving that! :-)

AJ said...

Have a great time!

Do visit my photo stream at Flickr


Petchie said...

I just finished my fall break and I am definitely missing it right now. & I love the bun, very cute on you! I still need to try this some time!


Jamie said...

LOVE the bun! Hope you had a fun weekend!

cRk said...

Your bug is perfect, love it!! Have a fun and safe break!