Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!

I am FINALLY finished with my semester!
not looking forward to getting the grades back...
BUT no more Physics, EVER.
That is a reason to celebrate if I've ever heard one ;)

and I'm so happy I actually should have time to blog now. I have really been crunched with time and let it go... so sad. 

But a quick recap on my lovely weekend. :) 

My dear friend Sam turned 21 this weekend and we dinner and a party for her at my apartment over the weekend. 

us before dinner:
Emily's sis Amanda, Sam, Elise, Me, and Emily
and more friends joined us at dinner and my apartment afterwards for a few adult bevs ;)
we love our birthday girl!
sadly I had to cut out early and go to campus to study... (trying to be responsible)
but it was so much fun to hang out with all of the girls from High School! We never see each other with our crazy schedules and going to different schools. 

hope you all have been doing just wonderful! can't wait to catch up on your blogs over my CHRISTMAS break!!! (woohooo!)


Erin said...

Yay! So excited that physics is over with! What a horrible class! I'm sure you did great though! Enjoy your break!!

Sam {} said...

yay for you being done!!!!!!!!! happy birthday to your friend :)

Lauren said...

Yay! For Christmas Break! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad the semester is over! I have to take Physics next fall, and I am dreading it!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

woohoo all done! Congrats!
Your apartment is gorg btw! College places at Ohio State definitely do not look like that haha!

Turtles and Pearls said...

I had no clue you were taking Physics. Hands down WORST class ever!!! Glad you're done with it!

Marjorie said...

love your boots! glad you're done for the semester!

Neely said...

Congrats love!

Jamie said...

Enjoy your break girl!

Jules said...

Congrats on being down with Physics FOREVER! You must be thrilled and so looking forward to winter break.

I love the outfit you wore the celebrate your friend's birthday. The boots and scarf are so cute together!

Kristin said...

enjoy a well deserved break! :) always love reading your posts (have been a follower/reader for awhile)

you've received a versatile blogger award :)

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Love your outfit!!! :)

I'm looking forward to catching up on blogs over the break too! Woohoo!