Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's been a while since I've linked up with Jamie for WILW! And I have so much that I'm loving this week!

What I'm loving...
Our Christmas Decorations.
I went a liiiiittle crazy this week buying decor. I just love Christmas time, it's my absolute weakness when I go shopping. So I came out of Target the other day with a bag full of goodies. I'm not totally done with my apartment yet... but here is a sneak peek of our tree. :)

still in the process of finding a tree skirt for it... 

The Michael Buble Christmas CD.
Like I said, Christmas time is my weakness.. and I had to buy it at Target today.. 
Holy smokes, what a great CD!
It made me emotional when I first put it in.... it's THAT good. His voice is so sexy.

I love Spotify. 
If you aren't on there.. check it out. It's like a free itunes, you just can't OWN the music. It's like pandora.. but you get to choose the songs. #obsessed
you can check out my latest playlist here.

I'm going to a Tacky Christmas Party this Friday, and I love putting together outfits for tacky parties.
Thank you Goodwill for your incredible blazers, and Target for your multicolored tights. Here's a sneak-peek: 
    pardon the background... I need to hang some pictures ;)

AND now I'm hitting the books for my final tomorrow.
In ONE week I will be DONE!!! :)

what are YOU loving today?!
Go link up with Jamie and share it with us!


Jessica said...

Cute tree! I love all the Christmas decorations too! I had to refrain from buying everything at Target too. :)

I also love Spotify! It is so great! Especially for me since I love listening to the same song over and over again.

Victoria said...

i have been enjoying michael buble's new christmas cd too!!

what a cute tree!!!

christmas decorations are one of my weaknesses too, well anything to do with christmas, actually lol.

great blog you have!

Jenn W said...

i'm loving that, I too, will be done in exactly ONE WEEK! feels so good to be this close to the end!!
i keep hearing talk about the michael buble cd...i think i'm gonna have to get it this weekend. love me some good christmas music!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

Love your tree...too cute!

AllyM said...

I'm loving your white christmas tree. I've seen those a lot this season and they are beautiful!


Jules said...

I keep hearing everyone rave about the Michael Buble CD. I think I may need to get it! Spotify is another thing I hear people talk about on Twitter. I'll have to make a playlist.

Your tree looks so pretty and I hope you have a great time at the Christmas Party!

ms.composure said...

LOVING the white tree!!! and that outfit is gr8!

Megan said...

Oh, I love y'alls tree!! So cute!!

Jessica said...

LOVE your tree and your outfit for the party :-)

Fashion Meets Food said...

How cute is your christmas tree!!! Love your outfit and the red tights! xo