Friday, August 27, 2010

Betsy's Sick

For about 2 weeks now my poor little car, nicknamed Betsy, has had trouble cranking. So today when I got home from school me and my dad went to Advance Auto Parts to get the battery checked. Well... the trip that was supposed to take 30 minutes took over an hour.
Since my car is a VW and the battery is in a very inconvenient spot only professionals are supposed to handle it, but the nice guy working helped me and my dad get it out anyways. They tested it and it was completely dead.. so they put it on the charger for 30 minutes and we shopped around the car stuff. (how exciting.. not!) I got me some new windshield wipers though :) And then after 30 minutes the verdict was.. that my battery was bad! ugh! Well then.. come to find out, my battery is still under warranty so we get a new one for free!! BUT (there always seems to be a but) they were out of the battery we needed. Lovely. After calling all surrounding stores, including the one up at school, no one had the battery I need. No one.
(She looks orange, but she really is red haha)
So poor little Betsy is going to have to wait a week while they order it from Bangladesh or wherever it comes from. Who knows.
As for my weekend.. I am so excited it is finally here!! Now time to crack open the books and jump on some homework.. oh I wish I was that motivated. Instead I'll probably be reading my "pleasure reading" right now because it is sooooo good. If you need a book to read.. check this one out.
Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

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Meredith said...

Awh poor Betsy! I hope she gets her new battery and feels good as new! ;)