Monday, August 30, 2010


Week 2 of classes. I'm exhausted and it's only monday. This is not a good sign!! One reason I'm tired is because I stayed up watching the Emmy's, and I must say there were not too many impressive dresses. But anyways.. this afternoon I have been trying to stay focused and get all of my work done.. but I just keep thinking of how great a nap would be, how I need to put up clean dishes, run the dishwasher, clean the bathroom.. so I just can't stay focused. I swear I stay stressed because I constantly think of what all I need to do and it becomes overwhelming. I'm trying to be better. :)
But this afternoon I went ahead and cooked all of our dinner for tonight so that we just have to assemble it and chow down. I'm trying a new recipe me and mama saw in the new Paula Deen, it's a tailgating recipe that just makes my mouth water! They're Chili Lime chicken wraps. Yumm.. and I already mixed up the tortilla filling and it looks good.. so hopefully it will be :)
Tonight is Zumba at the fitness center and I. am. pumped. Let me just say, I am a very bad dancer. I definitely dance like a white girl. But I absolutely LOVE zumba. The instructor at our school is this hilarious guy who can shake his booty like nobody's business. (He's gay, and makes the class so much more fun.. I wish you could see him dance to Bootylicious, amazing.) The first time me and Emily went we were laughing so hard at ourselves, and the things he says. For example, last year one of the songs was a Britney Spears song and he said, "You are going to look like S-L-U-T's.. but ladies that is the point! This is Britney!! Do. her. Justice." I mean, hilarious. So we are so excited to start back with zumba and get a great workout and tons of laughs.
So until it's time to head to Zumba.. time to crack the books! Hope everyone is having a splendid monday!


Kristin said...

I would LOVE the recipe!! Looks delish!!

Jenn W said...

i want that recipe, too. it looks so good !!

and oh dear, zumba--there's no way i could do that! i took bodyjam at my gym, which is kinda the same thing and it was just awful...i was SO embarrassed because everyone was so good but me...even the instructor was laughing at me. needless to say..i didn't go back again!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

The recipe looks so delish!

I haven't tried Zumba, but I've been SO tempted to. They teach it at my gym and it looks like a blast!