Thursday, October 7, 2010

What else can go wrong?

This week has tried my patience. And sorry that this is going to be a major complaining vent session but it's one of those weeks. Let me start by saying, I have studied my behind off for a good 3 weeks now.. probably studied 100+ hours for my organic chem test, to the point that I've hardly even seen my roommates. I hired a tutor this go around and studied every night throughout so that I wouldn't be studying only for the last week of the test. I felt prepared. Thought I was going to straight up ROCK this test.

Well my professor Dan ,we like to call him by his first name, is a little trickster. He made that test so difficult that no one knew what the heck to do. I know organic is supposed to be one of the hardest classes you take, but I really don't want to sit through this very class 2 semesters in a row having to retake it. That messes with my plan. Well then after that dreadful test was over, I had to work on the LAB assignment for our lab we had 2 hours after the test. So I didn't get a mental break after he fried my brain. Well the lab turned out to be just as dreadful.
No one knew what in the world we were supposed to do, and then I FINALLY figured it out. Only 2 hours later at the completion of the lab my substance didn't look the way it was supposed to. Me and the lab assistant pondered it forever and he couldn't figure out what happened since I had done everything right. GRREEAT! So now I'm on the verge of tears and he says I have to start over. Are. You. Kidding?! Quick summary, I had to do it 3 times because mine kept doing weird stuff. I was THE last one to leave the Lab and at this point I had been doing chemistry from 9-6. Running off 5 hours of sleep.
Well as soon as I got back to my apartment I basically cried for a good hour. And then cleaned the bathroom because that is ONE thing I CAN seem to do right haha. Then this morning I woke up at 6:45 to get ready for my 8am Bio Lab.. hike 20 minutes up to the building sit there for a good 15 minutes and then find out lab was cancelled. What else can possibly go wrong with my week?! On a positive note. My weekend finally begins at 5:30 today. So I'm anxiously awaiting my afternoon classes so I can LEAVE and go HOME!! Sorry for complaining.. tomorrow I will post something happy.


the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh you poor thing! That is so not fun. I hope things get better!

Ashley said...

I know how bad organic sucks! You can do it!

Jamie said...

I'm sorry you've been stressed girl! Enjoy your weekend!!