Monday, July 5, 2010

food, friends, & fireworks!

Our campus hosts a big fireworks display every 4th of July, and this was the first year all of us have gone! We all packed a big picnic and went out to the drill field to claim our spot and eat delicious food. :)
Ally made some delicious limeade cupcakes, which are featured in this month's Paula Deen magazine ;) and when trying to spread out our picnic blanket.. clumsy me tripped and knocked the tupperware over. So Ally's beautiful creation turned into this mess:

but they still tasted great! great summer flavor! i highly recommend!
our spread! pasta salad, corn and black bean salsa, and peaches and blueberries.
(L to R: Jessica, Me, & Ally)
starting to fill up waiting on the fireworks!
While we waited for fireworks we had a fun time just people watching, I tell you what, you see some interesting people at public events! Sometimes you wonder where some of them come from! There was one guy dressed in hot topic type clothes.. but he had on a creepy wolf mascot's head and tail. We wanted to get a picture with him, but it was a little too creepy. haha
These are my mama's table decorations from the lake.. I'll post pictures from the weekend at the lake tomorrow!
Hope everyone else had a Happy 4th of July!!

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