Monday, July 19, 2010

Fresh Produce!

Yesterday Ally and I had our weekly grocery shopping trip, and the produce at Walmart was such a letdown. So we journeyed down to a fruit stand and got us some FRESH produce. We got us some squash and a big canteloupe. And let me just tell you.. it was the BEST tasting canteloupe.

Then when we got back to the apartment we made us some lemon pie with my new lemon juicer and zester!

Unfortunately we did not get a picture of the pie all done up.. because we couldn't wait to eat a slice! :) But, it is a lowfat pie so we felt guilt-free!
For dinner we tried our hand at fried okra, and at first we weren't so sure how it was looking but it ended up tasting delicious.


And then we proceeded to watch the drama filled bachelorette.. which i have my comments about that on last night's post.

But today me and Ally had a pretty embarrassing thing happen..
Sometimes we like to express our ghetto sides.. just because it's really fun to talk like that, we get really into it. We originally called mondays our "GHETTOOOO MONDAAAY" but we have now extended that to a daily occurrence. (Okay, maybe we seem weird. But it's really fun.. we got on this big kick after watching far too many Glozell videos on youtube.) We kind of use it as a stress reliever I guess.. and for laughs too. But it catches on. Try it.
Well we were sitting in our living room and thought that our other roommate was gone.. we don't really know her that well because she was a random assigned one. So we were just getting into our ghetto selves.. and after a while we decided to both go back to our rooms and work on homework before breaking for lunch. Not 5 minutes after we go in our rooms Ally texts me and says "OMG!! TIFFANY WAS IN HERE THAT WHOLE TIME!!!" which we then proceeded to be EXTREMELY embarrassed. I'm pretty sure she thinks we are immature weirdos, or crazy people, or who knows! i'm so mortified! haha so now we don't know if we should talk stupid like that around her? or just ignore the fact that it happened?
either way it still cracks me up.

Peace Out!

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Meredith said...

hahahaha thats really funny! my friend aliecia and i are rooming next year and we lost our other two, so we get two new ones.. i hope they're not bad.. and i sincerely hope that they have "GHETTTOOO MONNDAAAAY" ;)