Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grandparents Weekend

This weekend I'm staying with my grandparents: 1) because my family is going to the beach without me & 2) because I haven't stayed with them in ages!! So I'm really excited to spend time with them.. they always crack me up! And my grandma is an amazing southern cook! Of course, as soon as I got here she already had made a lemon pie.. and is planning on making homemade waffles and a full out breakfast for the morning! Oh how I love my grandparents :)
(this is a picture of them from last summer when we went on a cruise and I just think it's so funny! Growing up we called them Mama Jo and Daddy Dewey, but over time it just shortened to "Jo" & "D")

Tomorrow they've already planned to go shopping for some wedding gifts for a friend getting married, hit up Bed Bath & Beyond to buy me kitchen stuff to make key lime pies, and then visit my great-grandmother aka "Granny B."

(My dad, sister, grandpa, and me with Granny on Mother's Day)

Granny B is probably the best southern cook I know, and she is so country! I just love her! She makes the most wonderful biscuits.. and she pats them out by hand from an old wooden bowl. Hopefully one day I can cook biscuits as well as her! And hopefully I can still do half the things she does at 95!

Then Saturday night I'm going out to dinner with some of my good friends from high school, Taylor and Grayson. We were best buddies in preschool at age 3, and then in high school we were all really great friends. Our Senior year we had the closest group of girls, and we all like to try to get together whenever we're free (which is hardly ever), so I'm really excited to see them!
Now time for some high school memories through my old pictures :)
(Prom photoshoot! front row: Sam, Elise, Taylor; back: Kasi, Me, Emily, Grayson)
(Our group of girls on the Lake Trip)
(Our group at baccalaureate service L to R: Kasi, Me, Taylor, Grayson, Elise, Evan, Sam, & Emily)
Anchor Club Mother Daughter Banquet when we got our countdown to graduation chains!
(L to R: Sam, Me, Emily, Taylor, & Grayson)
And one last fun picture!

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Ally said...

i'm so glad you got to spend the weekend with them!! AND that is so sweet of your grandma to get all the fixins for a pie! Can't wait to be back and see you tomorrow!!!!! :)