Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fresh Peaches & Summertime

One of my favorite things about summer is peaches!! And every Sunday night me and Ally take a trip to Walmart to stock up on peaches for the week. This week our peaches would not ripen so we stuck them in the window (because we were fresh out of brown bags) and we got a kick out of it when we were walking through the parking lot and saw our window full of peaches.
(our window with our peaches on the windowsill)
Last night, Jessica came over to watch the Bachelorette with us and the first thing she said was, "what the heck is that stuff in your window?!" So then we just thought it would be hilarious if we just bought a bunch of random fruit and lined the entire window with it... we like to entertain people in the parking lot. (even though i'm sure not many people notice)

But anyways.. Unfortunately I was only able to watch half of the Bachelorette last night, thanks to chemistry. But I definitely plan on watching the 2nd half that I missed online whenever I get the chance. I must say, Chris L. I AM SOLD!! You and your family are ADORABLE!! And I'm somewhat mad at ABC for spoiling the upcoming drama with Frank.. because obviously we know he's sticking around til they're in Tahiti since they showed that super dramatic and tearful scene with the two of them.. but oh well!

On another note.. I am counting down my days until the weekend.. Ally is leaving to day for the beach and I am so jealous! Especially because my family is leaving for the beach this weekend WITHOUT me!!! So meanwhile I'll just wish I was there.. soaking up the sun and reading some nice beach reads instead of solving equations for stuff I never even knew existed!

(Our beach group from last summer in Santa Rosa Beach, FL)


Jess said...

I looove peaches! I too missed part of the Bachelorette...I love Roberto (I am sorry he is sexxx-E) haha but I thought it was weird how HIS dad was putting HER on the spot. Chris L. is cute too! ; ) Have a good day chick!

Jenn W said...

i missed the bachelorette last night! even though i've read spoilers and know the ending, i like to see it unfold week by week!

love that beach picture, khakis and white shirts always look good in beach family photos!

Ally said...

im just now reading your posts...i completely forgot to talk about our peaches but i did share the story with my fam this week at the beach and they DIED laughing. of course their first question was "why didnt yall just use a brown bag?!"