Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tacky Christmas Party

I absolutely love Tacky Christmas Parties because:
  1. Tacky Christmas Clothes are HILARIOUS
  2. I love shopping through the thrift stores finding tacky clothing
  3. Any excuse to dress like a complete goober with friends is fun.

So on that note.. Friday night a friend of mine and Ally's hosted his 2nd annual Tacky Christmas Party. We both went to a thrift store and found some straight up TACKY christmas dresses that were a good 10-12 sizes to big for us.. check this hotness out:
I mean does this dress not scream 1992 church directory picture? hahaha
Caleb's costume just cracked me up! The women's leggings tied it all together VERY nicely:
The boys were very organized, they even had a checklist posted in the kitchen that gave us a good laugh:
Check out their charlie brown christmas tree:
ST & I:
Before getting tackied up for the Christmas Party we actually DID look cute.. we went to the UGA bball game and had some really awesome seats.. but Ally & I tend to people watch the whole time! haha
Anyways, there's my weekend! Sorry it's a massive long post! Now I gotta hit the books again.. 2 more days and I'm HOME FREE!! :)
p.s. Don't forget to sign up for the Christmas sock swap I'm hosting with Liv! It's going to be a blast! Check out the details HERE!


LivKit said...

Aww too cute being all tacky! I love going to Thrift stores.. but Goodwill confuses me, haha! Anyway too excited about the sock swap Ill be emailing you soon!

Jenn W said...

ooooh my gosh! i love yalls outfits! that dress is PERFECT. sounds like a great weekend

Jamie said...

Oh I just love y'alls outfits for the party and the game!

Christa said...

LOVE that dress!!! Sounds like so much fun!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

ha ha! these outfits are awesome!!