Monday, December 27, 2010

Bad Christmas Movie

True Life: I'm Stuck in a Bad Christmas Movie
That explains my lack of blogposts for the past few days..
We won't be home until Wednesday so expect a good post then :)

In the meantime..
We have a whole bunch of family crammed in my grandma's house and we've about decided the only thing missing is the camper in the driveway.

I mean even the cable guy and a Lowe's shutter installer man have been in the mix.

Yes, we are having a Griswold Family Christmas this year and it has been entertaining to say the least!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
I feel so blessed to have such a great family, stay tuned for a post describing the past few days!


Kerri said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! Bless your sweet heart, I had two days of my dysfunction and it was about all I could handle! :) Hope you had a great Christmas!

Miss Megan said...

Gotta love being around all the fam! Right?? Haha hope you had a great Christmas!

Meredith! said...

i bet it was quite entertaining! i love that movie! i didn't get to see it this year though! =(

Megan said...

Hope you're having fun!! Family is the best!

Suze said...

oh goodness girl, hope you survive :) i agree it probably has been entertaining to say the least :) cant wait to hear all about it!

Laura Darling said...

Oh boy, I bet this is entertaining! Hope you're having fun!

A Wedding Story said...

Ha, love it! The picture of Cousin Eddie is picturesque of what every family might have one of!

Jen said...

Isn't that the best movie ever!! We watched it on Christmas day too... like 4 times!!

Happy Thursday Darling! xo

Oh, and I'm having a perfume giveaway if you're interested!