Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Safe Haven.. Check!

Well your girl has been WORTHLESS today.
Here's a schedule of events from my day:
9:00- Woke up
9:30- Opened Christmas Present from Cammie (practically part of our family)
10:00- started reading Safe Haven (The new Nicholas Sparks book)
12:15- Took a quick shower.. put pj's BACK on
12:30- Lunch
1:30- Facebook/Blogger Break
2:15- Back to reading my book until 6:00, at which point I finished it.

Can you tell the book was good?!

Check that off the reading list!
Yes, I did read ALL day. But that's what Christmas Break is for.. right?
It has just been wonderful not having ANY obligations for the first time all break.

So since my day has been so uneventful..
and Christmas is only 4 days away I thought I'd share with you some old Christmas pictures from back in the day... Enjoy!

This is probably one of my favorites..
check out Mal's eyes.. she's not too sure about this man in the red suit. And my curled bangs? Thanks mama ;)

Tonight the fam is going to watch Christmas Vacation.. it isn't Christmas time til we watch it in our household! :)

Hope everyone almost has their shopping done!! It's hard to believe how close Christmas is!


Diving Into Love said...

My kind of day! :) That's exactly what Christmas break is for!

I love the old pictures!

CMae said...

Those are some really authentic santas!! better than the ones I see out there today!!!

I am reading Safe Haven right now! I'm on page 82...I am trying to slow myself since I don't have another book to dive into!

Tasha said...

That's my kind of day too! It's exactly what I did minus reading an entire book. I will have to pick that book up for my Mom's stocking. She loves Nicholas Sparks! Merry Christmas!

Megan said...

I love N Sparks, so it sounds like I need to get that book! I love reading days!! Cute pictures, too!! I totally used to have the curled huge bangs! What were our parents thinking?? Haha.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Leslie!!

Rachel said...

Reading days are not unproductive at all! I totally understand how that could happen. I really want to start reading Nicholas Sparks though, everyone loves his work!!

Anonymous said...

Love love love that book!!! And I love days like those :) my schedule will go something like that tomorrow!

Suze said...

uneventful days are often the best of days and reading a whole book a nicholas sparks book whoohoo girl : ) im jealous! and i too had those curled bangs look! i often wonder what our moms were thinking ?! oh and LOVE the matching outfit too ha ha! i too had those ! umph. hope you've had a great evening! sstay warm!

Jessica W said...

Yay. I'm glad you said Safe Haven is good! it's on my Christmas list so I hope I get it and if I don't I'm gonna buy it myself! I love everything nicholas sparks!

Kerri said...

oh my gosh how precious are you!? i didn't even know nicholas sparks had another book out, was it wonderful?!

Ally said...

I absolutely love when a book so that good that I just stay in all day and read it!! Hope you're enjoying break!! xoxo

Petchie said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome day to me! and the Christmas pictures are so cute!


Meredith! said...

i told you you would love safe haven!! it is soooo good! =)) so far the help is great!

Anonymous said...

cute cute photos!!
I think I'm going to start the book tomorrow :)

Holly said...

Sounds like a good day to me!

LOL at the last Santa photo! Her eyes are HILARIOUS! Best photo EVER.

Miss Southern Prep said...

That sounds like such a great day! I love the old Christmas pictures!

Katie said...

Your header is so, stinkin', CUTE!!

And I LOVE those Santa photos be-tee-dubs.

Hoping that you and your family have a very merry Christmas Leslie!!

Ashley Lauren said...

I LOVED Safe Haven!!! It was such an amazing book! I was actually thinking of doing a post about recent books I've read and books I'm reading now and want to read on my kindle. Cute pics, cute blog, cute everything!!!!! xoxo

Jamie said...

I just finished Safe Haven the other day and loved it!

That last picture just cracks me up!