Monday, December 13, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Being home has it's perks, for example:
1. I get to go see my sweet little sister cheer her bball games :)

2. I actually get to go see Mal's Chorus concerts

Mal with her friends at the concert:

Me and Mal after her beautiful singing:

3. I get to help my mama Christmas shop.. and we shopped til we dropped today!

4. I Get to watch the Sing-Off with my sweet family, while eating a bowl of mama's homemade chili, AND wrapping up in my snuggie. ;)

Hope ya'll have had a wonderful Monday!


Suze said...

Awee seems like your enjoying your time at home girl! Stay warm! I wish i could sing well :) sing off is a great show , i watch it too!!!!

Jamie said...

How fun to be home :)

Love your outfit!