Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sock Swap Package!!!

Today My Sock Swap Package from Liv arrived!!
I love getting mail.. especially when it's a big box with my name on it!:)

So let's take a peak, shall we?

She filled it full of all of my favorite things, and did such a wonderful job! I can't wait to use everything! (Thanks Liv!)
Take a gander:

All of you who participated in the sock swap should be receiving your packages soon! I can't wait to hear about your lovely socks and goodies! :)

As for my day...
I met Taylor and Grayson for lunch at a local restaurant I'd never been to, it was delicious! I'm definitely going to have to frequent that place more often. And then we went to Buckhead for some shopping and on our way home got stuck in STAND STILL traffic.. I repeat, STAND STILL.
This was our view for a good hour. I'm talking.. we were not even 100 yards past an exit.. and we had no way to get off. But we had a good time talking and catching up!

Tomorrow I'm going to breakfast with my grandparents.. and doing some Christmas shopping and then I'm going to meet another friend from highschool for lunch. AND then I'm taking my sweet Emily a milkshake because she had her wisdom teeth taken out today. And THEN.. hopefully sitting on my couch and not moving for a while :)

Hope ya'll have all had a good Thursday! I cannot BELIEVE how quickly this week has just flown by!


Petchie said...

That traffic looks pretty miserable! Today it snowed in my area and I got stuck in traffic for THREE HOURS on what normally takes me an hour to get from school home. Have a great weekend!


Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I can't WAIT to get my sock package!!

Suze said...

Awww what fun goodies you got in you sock swap package :) I hate STAN STILL traffic too girl sooo annoying. I got stuck in that when i was trying to get home for thanksgiving and then when i was leaving thanksgiving break to head back to school. The worse is when it it a minor break and everyone has to be nosy and stare and stop lol. Gld you had fun with your friends, having breakfast with the grandparents is so fun and special cherish it! goood luck finishing up your christmas shopping :)

Jamie said...

That's why I could never live in Atlanta!

Have a fun day tomorrow!

Megan said...

Ughhhh, traffic!! I hate it, especially at Christmas! I told my husband today that I do not want to shop again until is THAT bad!

Marjorie said...

that's really neat! how did you get involved in the sock swap?

Meredith! said...

This week has gone by super fast and I don't want it too! I want this break to last FOREVER! lol I wish I had participated in your sock swap! By the time I got back to twitter it was too late! =( Next year i will for sure!

cRk said...

The sock swap looks like tons of fun!! I want in on it next year!!