Friday, December 17, 2010


This morning my sweet grandparents took me and Mal to IHOP for breakfast.

And let me just tell you... we got seated next to a SCREAMING 3 year old AND a mother who was screaming AT her 3 year old. And I hate to be judgmental, but don't act like you don't do it too, they were real trashy looking folks. She screamed at her kid that she would "beat his ass" if he didn't shut up. Woah. Pump the brakes. He's 3.. no 3 year old should be talked to like that EVEN if he is making me want to throw my glass of water out the window. So we proceeded to listen to her children (it is now plural because she had another small child who started chiming in to this screamfest) scream for the solid hour that we were there eating our pancakes. Sorry for the vent session but I was ILL.

So after that lovely pancake breakfast we headed to this organic grocery store called Earthfare:

It was my first time in an organic grocery store.. and I can NOT wait to go back! The food was so fresh.. and they had so many neat things. Get a load of these cranberries:
Yeah.. my mouth is WATERING.

They also had a cafe and coffee bar in there.. and when we walked in it smelled delicious! And I wish I could have taken a picture at all the neat food they had in the bakery and deli area.. but there were people standing around and I was a little too embarrassed to whip out my camera for some shots since I wasn't going to buy anything ;) But next time.. there will be pics. Because NEXT time I will be making some purchases! The foods a little more expensive.. but it's better for you.. so I'd just like to try it for a while and see how much of a difference it really makes.

Do any of ya'll shop at organic grocery stores?

She's giving away an awesome bundle of eco-friendly gifts!


Megan said...

My husband and I ate at Ruby Tuesday the other night and we sat beside a screaming, squealing toddler! The parents were nice and apologetic, but still, there is only so much screaming a sane couple (pre-babies) can take!

Jamie said...

Oh I hate when parents do that! I was in the grocery store last weekend and a mom was yelling and cursing at her children...I really wanted to go say something to her! Grrr!

That grocery store looks so neat!

Diving Into Love said...

I live in Athens and LOVE Earthfare!!! Have you been to Trader Joes yet!?!?

Marjorie said...

that's why i don't go to IHOP. for whatever reason they attract people like that (at least that's been my experience).
i shop at shoprite, but they have a large organic section. it's more expensive so i only get a few things organic like my sons yogurt.

Ashlyn Stallings said...

eek! so glad to have found your blog!

yes ma'am. if i could shop organic, i would every day of my life. with the exception of cheez-its, which i shall consume regardless of what went into them.

Ally said...

That's so unfortunate bout the screaming kids!! And that the mother spoke to them that way :( Definitely DO try organic!!! some people say it doesn't make a difference, but I've eaten pretty much all organic my whole life and I think there's a big difference! :)

Rachel said...

It is so sad when parents are like that! How could a young child be prepared to respond to such mean language!

My Southern Soul said...

I'm new to blogging & I love your blog!! Can't wait to read more!


Meredith! said...

You need to go whole foods! I'm honestly not sure where one is around here, but theres one in FL near my gpa's house! i LOVE it! they have so many neat things and I just feel healthier knowing its organic! haha

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Gorgeous photos girl!!

Laura Darling said...

I can't believe shes said that to a three year old! That's awful! That grocery store looks great though. I've been to a bunch around here and I can definitely tell the difference between regular fruits and vegetables and organic ones. Never tried organic cranberries though! But they look great!