Thursday, September 23, 2010

You might not know...

Day 2 of the Blogging challenge.. and this one really WILL be a challenge because I can never think of 9 things about me that are really interesting. So here it goes..

9 Things about Myself that You probably Don't Know...

  1. My car smells like crayons. Straight up crayola. No, I don't have melted crayons in my car.. it's just has always smelled like that. I drive a Red VW bug with black leather.. so maybe it's the leather? who knows.. but on hot days it makes my hair just soak up that crayola scent and it STINKS.
  2. I absolutely despise getting ready for the sole purpose of drying hair. Drying my hair makes me so hot.. I just dread it! Everything else doesn't bother me.. but that 5 minutes of heat ruins it.
  3. I love watching TV but I never have time anymore. Some of my absolute favorite shows are GLEE, The Office, Modern Family, The Middle, One Tree Hill, and The Apprentice. I wouldn't last one day working for Donald Trump.. I would cry as soon as he started talking to me... which leads to number 4..
  4. I'm extremely sensitive. The littlest things get me upset. (Thank goodness Ally is the same way, because we can comfort each other through the dumb tears)
  5. I also am very easily stressed.. driving and having to make a left turn across traffic REALLY stresses me out. Blood Pressure rises and everything haha.. I try to avoid making left turns as much as possible.. even if it means taking a longer route.
  6. My bed is always made before I walk out the door. If it isn't made, my day just can't begin properly.
  7. I have to sleep with my fan on.. even if it's the dead of winter, I have to have that sound to help me sleep. And the room has to be pitch black. I CANNOT sleep with the TV on.
  8. I've never been pulled over.. probably because I'm such an overly cautious driver. But hey.. it works.
  9. My dream job is to own a bakery with Ally, with a gift shop next door. One day it will happen. :)
Hope everyone's having a great Thursday!! I am so happy tomorrow is Friday.. I live for my relaxing weekends! )


littledaisymay said...

Loving your answers! We sound a lot alike...minus me getting a speeding ticket before! Oops!

My old roomie had a VW Jetta and hers smelled like crayons too! We always called it Crayola :) I think it had something to do with the glue they use!

Sarah said...

My friend's mom's car smells like crayons too, and it's a VW Jetta.

Ally said...

ok basically all of these apply to me and a lot of these are what i use for my list of things like this so i'm gonna have to come up with completely diff ones :) thanks. ;) i love these. you came up with some good ones! now i'm off to come up with my own!

Meredith said...

haha i did already know your car smelled like crayons! and wes's sister had a vw for a while and it also smelled like crayons! just not as potently as yours! haha ps. i LOVVEEE your bedding! it is very leslie bentley!

CMae said...

Okay first I am the SAME way!!!! I have to have the room PITCH black no cell phone light no night light NOTHING! I was never allowed to have a TV in my room and I'm's a proven study that having a tv on when you try to sleep doesn't help calm your brain waves down!
I also have to have the bed made. My mister wonderful and I are on different schedules right now and because he knows that's the ONE thing I have to have done around the house daily, he without grumbling makes our bed every day since he has a later schedule than i! :)

Tiffany said...

This cracks me up...we are the SAME PERSON when it comes to hair drying. I hate, hate, hate it. It takes me FOREVER. And I'm not even one of the lucky ones that can stop there. There is always chi-ing or curling involved after the drying. ha!