Monday, September 20, 2010

Not a teen anymore..

Yesterday was my Birthday.. the big 2-0. And I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit emotional about the whole growing up, not being a teenager thing. (Ally understands because we both get emotional about dumb stuff) haha I had a wonderful birthday though! Mama made my very favorite, her caramel cake! and we made homemade pizzas which were absolutely delicious. She even got fresh mozzarella and pesto.. yumm!!
Our pizza before the oven!
Me & Mal while we waited for our pizza!
The final product!
And the delicious caramel cake on the birthday plate! :)

Then it was present time!
I got a Southern Belle shirt! (After being envious of Mal's for a good month!)
Sporto's for those rainy days at college.. because I am OVER rainboots after last year's month of monsoons!
And A Columbia Fishing Shirt.. I am so excited about this! It feels SOOO good.. and I'm hoping I can pull it off with some leggings. :)

Then I headed back to school and caught Ally & Emily, (my sweet, sweet roommates), painting signs for my room.. and they hung them over my bed.. so cute!
It says "treeshie" because we're weirdos and have ghetto-fabulous names for each other ;)
And they gave me the prettiest monogram ring! But it's too big :( so we're gonna have to go order the size I need. But they are just the greatest! And Ally also drew me a big picture full of our inside jokes and great memories together, the picture doesn't do it justice because it was hard to photograph..
It has our cheesy song for each other and loads of funny memories.. she cracks me up! All in all I had such a wonderful birthday! I am so blessed to have such sweet friends and family in my life. :)


littledaisymay said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!

Summer Wind said...

What adorable pictures! Happy birthday!!!

Heather said...

Happy belated birthday!! You look beautiful and that pizza looks wonderful!!

Kristin said...

That pizza looks AMAZING!!