Friday, September 24, 2010

I just can't live without..

Day 8 of the Blogging challenge! And today's topic:
8 Things I can't live without!!
  1. My Friends & Family- They get me through everything!
    Since the Christmas card picture from the other day was a hit.. I put up another from the same year! :)

2. My macbook- Can't live without facebook & blogger. :)
3. Poo-pourri- Yeah.. basic necessity of life. It's this little bottle of MAGIC that you spritz in the toilet bowl before you go #2.. and like magic there is no odor. Basically got me through dorm life.. and now it's a must have. It apparently coats the water with oils that trap in the poo stink.. and then when you flush it the good smell goes into the air. TMI.. but you need to own some. All my friends are hooked now. :)
4. Sweet Tea- Because I'm Southern.. I gotta have me a glass of iced tea to cool off!
5. Music/iPod- For relaxation.. and jam time.

6. Pilot ballpoint pens- They are the only kind I can use for my notes.. and I stash them away when people ask to borrow pens because if I don't have one for my notes I freak out. They make my handwriting look better.. and they just write perfectly!
7. My plush fleece pink blanket- I love cuddling up with blankets.. so I HAVE to have my soft blanket for napping, reading, and falling asleep at night.

8. DESSERT- I have to have a sweet something after every meal.. I'm tryin to work on this.. but I just crave dessert.

Now I'm heading out for a hiking adventure with Jess & Ally. Kicking off our weekend with a BANG! :)


littledaisymay said...

I definitely can't live without a glass of sweet tea either :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Jess said...

WHERE in the world do you buy this Poo-pourri? haha. What did we do before the Iphone? Truly scary.

Kerri said...

These Christmas cards are tripping me out and I totally hvae that blanket. Poo-pourri? That's hysterical, my roomie would LOVE that!