Monday, September 27, 2010

Wish I May..

Day 5 of the blogging challenge.. and this really is getting challenging!! I don't really have anything I regret so I'm just going to do things I wish.. So here we go!

Day 5: Six things you wish you could change or wish you would have never done.

1. I wish I was more outgoing
  • I'm definitely not good at opening up to people I don't know very well.. I've always envied the people who can just talk to a wall. I have trouble striking up conversation with just anyone. But once I know you.. I don't shut up, and the jokes keep rolling.
2. I wish I could play guitar
  • I grew up taking piano lessons.. and I tried taking guitar lessons for about a month and it was an epic fail. I can't figure out how to strum the thing. Sooo embarrassing. I listen to music and just wish I could pick up a guitar and play it. AND.. guitars are portable instruments, I can't just tote a piano around in my trunk.
3. I wish I could dance
  • I dance like a white girl. Mama has always said it, and I have no rhythm. Plus, I feel like I look stupid. I envy all those girls (like my roommate emily) who can just get up and learn a dance at the drop of a hat. Not. fair. Oh.. and dancing like the dancing with the stars instructors would be a great party trick!
4. I wish I didn't get stressed so easily
  • I stress sooo easily with school. I just want to make A's in everything and I have to accept the fact that an A isn't always possible in some of these classes. I make myself sick over my grades with all of my worrying and it needs to quit.
5. I wish I didn't have to study
  • College would be much more if studying wasn't involved. It sucks the fun out of everything. The end.
6. I wish I had better self discipline
  • From eating, to going to the gym.. this would just be really helpful in my life. I have a problem that when a meal tastes really good.. I don't listen to my brain and I just keep eating because it tastes so good! (And it's never as good heated back up.. right?) And.. dieting? doesn't work for me.. I end up craving brownies or some DQ and get myself in trouble.


littledaisymay said...

I always wished I was a little more outgoing too :) My hubby definitely makes up for it...he can talk to anybody and I'm sure a brick wall too!

Jenn W said...

i wanna dance friends sure can but i feel awkward too, then thinking about how awkward you feel just makes it worse. i tried to take a dance workout class...FAIL. the instructor was even laughing at me.

IrishPrincess said...

i agree with everything you just posted! as well as singing... i wish i could just belt it! :)

i enjoy reading your blog. bucket lists make life so much more enjoyable.;)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

I share a lot of these wishes ~ especially stress, but taking a few deep breaths, or going to a yoga class always seems to help!

Jess said...

Can we please take dance lessons together??