Monday, January 10, 2011

Trapped in a Snow globe!

This morning we woke to a Winter Wonderland.
Everything was coated in white, fluffy powder.
We suited up in our snow suits,
And ventured out.

Me & Millie
My car, Betsy in the Snow!
Me, Daddy, Mal
6.5" of Snow!
Millie checking out the snow!
Then decided to dress cute for some Pictures!
Couldn't resist a Quick Family Portrait ;)
Snowball Fight
Mal, Mama, Me

Then we suited back up in warm clothes to take a walk around the neighborhood!

look at those pretty blue eyes! 

On our walk we ran into
Ally, Caleb, Griffin, and Clay! (perk of living in a small town!)
 And they were going sledding in the nearby cemetery that has a HUGE hill.. So we walked over there to join them for a bit!
At this point it was sleeting.. and my hair was partially frozen. Can you say cold?!
Me, Mal, & Ally 
Then we came home, ate a bowl of chili, and warmed up by the fire!
 Sorry for the picture overload!
I just can't weed out pictures too easily!

 We ended up walking about 3 miles today in the snow.. but it was SO much fun! I'm so glad I got to spend this snow day at home with my family :) And guess what, Tomorrow I get to spend ANOTHER one with them.. school got cancelled again! So we've already planned to get up and go sledding.. I'm pumped.

Hope the rest of you Southerners enjoyed the snow as much as us!! 
Now time to go cuddle up next to the fire again,


Suze said...

Pictures are SOOO presh! your sister has absolutely gorgeous blue eyes! Cute family portrait! I had more pictures to show but due to moma threatening me i was unable to show the upclose pictures of Dads car stuck and then the tractor pulling it out ha ha! I'll be sure to post more tomorrow! YAY for more no school! Warm up by the fire and watch bachelor tonight! :) We are about to make soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Y'all all looked so cute bundled up and sledding in a cemetary is by far CREEEPY LOL. I did that similar in high school and after i sunk in one hole at a grave i was dunzo LOL. Small towns are GREAT definately but not so great when you live where i live and anyone can get stuck LOL.

Jamie said...

What a fun snow day y'all had! We didn't get any down here :(

Jessica said...

Love the pics- your fam is too cute! We didn't get any snow today but they are calling for some over night/tomorrow...too bad I'm not back to school yet so I hope it doesn't snow so I can leave the house haha.
Enjoy your 2nd snow day tomorrow!(:

Brooke said...

We are expecting 8 to 10 inches in Philadelphia tomorrow! Btw, I just began reading your blog and love it! I just started my own also! :)

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! Our snow is mostly gone now. 6" is way more than we got!!

Christa said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Wish TX would get some snow! :)

Nicole said...

Those pictures are beautiful! We enjoyed a fun snow day in this southern town too!

cRk said...

That looks so fun!! I hope y'all are enjoying the weather! I want to thank you so much for the award!! I love your blog!

Ashley Lauren said...

Your pictures are amazing! The family ones are great... next years Christmas cards??? Lol

A 100 Days of Change said...

Don't appologize for the pictures! I love seeing them! It finally started snowing here, but it's not too much..yet. I hope that we can get a snow day out of it!

Michaela said...

Well aren't you adorable?! I love all your pictures! Such a cute blog (:

Preppy Twin said...

Wow, it looks like you had an amazing snow day! I love the family pictures.

Tasha said...

What a fun day!!! Cute family pic! Ya'll got a lot more snow than we did :)

Jordan said...

It looks like ya'll had a ton of fun! I wish I still enjoyed the snow.

{av} said...

what a fun day! we're bracing for the snow up here in Rhode Island tomorrow glad I stumbled on your blog :) I'm also a big John Mayer fan! Enjoy another snow day! xoxo {av}

Young and Fabulous said...

love your pics! super cute family :) AND dog!

looks like you area all enjoying the snow down south! It's makin its way up north to Boston now eeeek!!


JMB said...

I love all your pictures!!! I cannot believe all that snow girlfriend!!! It is coming down now in KY!!!

Megan said...

I am SOOOO jealous!! We did not get any snow!! Your pictures are SO precious! I love the family portrait and the snowball fight! What a great day ya'll had!

Jenna said...

i love your photos! do you live in georgia? i do and we got a ton of snow!
i am so glad you are following me so that i could find you!:)

I'm AE Jones said...

FUN! Love those picturse... love snow days!

Ally said...

How adorable!!!!! :) I love the picture of your family, all in jeans, with cream and red tops! Too cute!! Will you send me a copy of picture of Betsy in the snow?! Love it!!!

Miss Megan said...

I'm soooo jealous!! Here in south Texas it is in the low 30's but no snow! Super annoying! Looks like a really fun snow day!

mFw said...

Your pictures are just precious! I left you something on my blog!!!

Meredith! said...

you bentleys are so adorable! i love all your pictures! =)

Meri said...

I'm a Minnesotan, so NO stranger to snow, but your pictures look so fun!
Cute blog!

Jenni said...

These pictures are soooo fun!! I love all the pops of red. And your car is ADORABLE!! I always wanted a VW bug, for some reason!! :)

Wish it would snow here in Austin. *Sigh*

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