Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow WEEK.

Well the snow is STILL here.
So after 3 days of cancelled classes they finally decided to make us all come back.
While, every surrounding county, and the county our college is IN cancelled school for the entire week.

But I can't complain, I really enjoyed having a few days off to spend with my family!
Here's our snowman we built on snow day #2:

Campus was closed today until 9:30.. and my only Thursday class is at 8am.. 
So I didn't have ANY classes today.

So as a result, Ally and I decided to scrub our nasty kitchen. 
Y'all, I'm embarrassed of how bad it had gotten, but I have a problem cleaning up OTHER people's messes.. and I try to be stubborn and wait for them to pitch in.. but after awhile you just have to suck it up and do it yourself. 

So we hit up Walmart to stock up on FUN cleaning brushes and bucket!
Yes, we are complete nerds at the fact that the following scene thrilled us:

Who knew they had so many cool brush tools?!
So naturally, we bought a selection of 6 brushes!

pardon the roughness.. I'm just trying to be real for you. This is how I look when I clean! ;)
all our fun cleaning tools!
And let me just say, there is nothing like the smell of pine sol!
 ahhh...The apartment smells AMAZING
We spent 3 hours cleaning the whole place head to toe.. and I feel so accomplished!
Let's just hope it stays clean for a while ;)

And lastly, please head over to my sweet friend Savannah's blog and enter her AWESOME camera strap cover giveaway! I want this so bad!! Click HERE to go enter!

Hope ya'll are having a great week!


Marjorie said...

you have your own place? also if you don't like cleaning floors on your knees look into a steam mop. amazing! they heat in 30secs and sanitize without chemicals.

Preppy Twin said...

Good job on cleaning! I'm going to be doing that soon. I have to clean my apartment from top to bottom before I move and I have to clean my new house! Lot's of cleaning. :]

Sam {} said...

i love a good cleaning day!! go girl!

Suze said...

Cleaning days are necessary, dont blame you! Go girlie! A clean room is a happy room is what my moma always told me LOL. Snow days are dunzo for real , glad class was canceled though for you! my mom is going on snow day #5 with school where she teaches at , cabin fever, yes we alllll have it by now LOL. PS sorry for your slacker peeps who makes messes and dont clean up :( I remember those days til i moved back home for my senior year this current year! HAve a good rest of the day in your fresh smelling pine sol apartment :) XX

Jamie said...

I SO need to scrub our kitchen floors and clean the two least favorite things to do!

A 100 Days of Change said...

A girl can never have to many cleaning supplies! lol, but your long break was a great way to start off the semester! you are so lucky! lol

Anonymous said...

Love the snowman!! And I used to do the same thing when I lived in Owen...It would get to where I couldn't stand it and I would go crazy!
Anyways...I have you down for 4 entries :)
See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

Such a cute snowwoman, I hope! I always love the smell of a freshly cleaned house!! So wonderful!! And yay for Savannah's giveaway! Loving it!!

Jordan said...

You're past three days sounds like my life up here in the mountains. But now my schools getting stubborn about snow days. We had one yesterday and a delay today. Good job on the cleaning!

Rachel said...

I wish we would get out for snow! Our classes weren't even canceled during the civil war when there was basically a battle on campus. I think they use that story to make us feel like its "ok" that we don't ever get out! haha. Also, we go to school on MLK day :(

Jordan said...

O gosh, that made me laugh! :-)

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Yay for... winter cleaning! :)

Wish it'd snow here, but we just have cold wind here in West TX. Love the pix :D

Christa said...

I LOVE buying cleaning supplies....glad I'm not the only one! : )

Meredith! said...

ooo im definitely going to need to do a deep clean when I get back too! thanks for sharing the giveaway~

Roma said...

Pine sol ey? Sounds wonderful, have to go smell some :)

This post is so much fun, i love your crazy adventures! xx

Kati said...

Haha, I LOVE the snowman picture...or should I say snow-woman! Too cute!

It's A Love Story said...

Your lucky, we got 8'' of snow and I still had school. Do you have your only place?