Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday + Blog Award

Happy Friday ya'll!! 
and it's a 3-day weekend! 
anyone doing anything exciting?

I don't really have much planned today, but lately I've been so thankful to receive so many awards from my sweet blog readers ;)

Rachel @ A Life So Lovely passed me this lovely award today!
If you've never been to her blog, uhm.. what have you been doing? go check her out NOW.

So for this award I'm supposed to really open up to my readers. 
Here it goes..

I come across as a really quiet person.. shy... timid... whatever you want to call it. 
And my whole life I've struggled with opening up to people when I first meet them. I'll be honest, I struggle making conversation with people I don't know. I mean.. I really, really envy you folks who can talk to a cardboard box. I was the kid in preschool who didn't tell the teacher when she had to use the bathroom. (yes, that kid.)

Along with people thinking your quiet.. comes people thinking your stuck up. I swear to you I'm not a snob. But, all through high school and even now in college people would think I'm snobby because I'm quiet. Not cool. 

I wish I could be the way I am around my close friends with everyone I meet. Most of my friends say I'm one of the funniest people they know.. but I just can't cut up the same way with other folks. 

With that all being said, don't think I'm not friendly. I'm one of those people that tries to say hey to every single person I know when I pass them around campus. (and I can't stand when people go out of their way to ignore you so they don't have to say hey.. pet peeve.) In high school I was voted Friendliest.. so obviously someone thinks I'm friendly and outgoing ;) 
[p to the s... Ally was voted Friendliest the year before me at our HS ]

Anyways.. it's one of those things that I try to work on constantly.. and I think people are just born having the ability to talk to a wall sometimes.. but this girl is trying to learn how. (really hard.)

So now that I've poured my little heart out I'll move on. 
Hope I didn't bore you to death!

Now I pass this on to:
anyone who wants to participate.
I struggle sharing my feelings with people, so challenge yourself to participate and get some things off your chest!

Thanks again to Rachel for passing it on to me! 

I hope to catch up on all of ya'lls blogs soon,
I haven't had time lately and it's driving me nuts! I love keeping up with everyone and right now I'm so behind! so here's a big apology from me! :)

I hope you all enjoy your 3 day weekend!
I have a terrible headache so I'm hitting the sack early tonight!
Peace and blessings,


Jenn W said...

oh dearr totally with you on the hello thing. i say hello and smile to anyone i pass at school, and why do people feel the need to obviously ignore favorite is when they look at their cell phone, like they actually got a text or something at THAT exact moment ha

peace and blessins peace and blessins! is that from a youtube video? no lie i've had that in my head that past few days so it's HILARIOUS that you ended the post with that phrase. :)

A Girl said...

I completely understand about people thinking you're stuck up. I'm always so worried that people aren't going to like me that I'm very shy and reserved at first. My brother's girlfriend thought I hated her at first because I didn't wave to her at school, but really I was worried that she'd think I was weird and wouldn't wave back.

Megan said...

I can totally understand! I am shy and quiet at first and I have had several instances in which someone thought I was snobby...but really I was just shy! Hope you feel better!

Rachel said...

I also say hi to EVERYONE. I feel bad if I don't, haha.

Jamie said...

I know how you feel! Growing up, I was always super quite! I've grown out of it a little but am still pretty quiet :)

Michelle said...

i am definately one of those people that can talk to a cardboard box, stop sign, goat, brick wall, you name it, i'll talk to it! haha

A 100 Days of Change said...

Thank you so much for sharing!! I can totally relate to you!

It's A Love Story said...

I used to have the same problem, but now I dont know I can talk to anyone or anything for hours. I would say that my junior year I really started to open up to people. Before I was always so afraid of what people think of me, how I dont really care, if you dont like me than thats your problem right?