Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Award & Giveaway!

ABF @ College Girl tagged me in this Stylish Blog award
Check out her fabulous blog if you haven't already!

Seven Favorites:
1. Fashion adJ. Crew
2. Magazine(s): People (aka the Hollywood Bible), Real Simple, Southern Living, Food Network Magazine, and Paula Deen Magazine!
3. Guilty pleasure: the Bachelor and Millionaire Matchmaker
4. Little things: small gestures from others that turn your day around, sweet compliments, getting a great deal at your favorite store!
5. Simple luxury: towels fresh from the dryer, crawling into a bed with clean, crisp sheets
6. Dessert: It's impossible to choose a favorite.. I'm a dessert LOVER.
7. Accessory: headbands or my sapphire ring :)

Seven Things:
1. My dream vacation would be to go to Greece.
2. If Bravo is on.. it's impossible for me to change the channel. I don't know what it is.. it's like a train wreck you just can't stop watching! No joke, this summer I spent 3 straight hours watching Millionaire Matchmaker before I even realized it. Ridic.
3. I'm obsessed with the coffeemate pumpkin spice coffee creamer. Yumm-O!
4. I don't have a mean bone in me.. I hate hurting other people's feelings.. so badly, I can't even tell them "no" when they ask for my last piece of gum. 
5. I can't watch Scary movies.. I have serious nightmares. In fact, my 8th grade year I think I needed therapy because I had TERRIBLE nightmares... to the point that I slept on the hardwood floor outside my parents bedroom. Yes, I lost my marbles. But you know what?! I genuinely thought someone would escape from jail, crawl through my window and kill me. Like I said.. I was NUTS.
6. I like making to do lists. Sometimes I even include things I know I'll get done JUST so I can check them off.. for example, take a shower, make my bed, eat lunch. Checking things off makes me feel accomplished ;)
7. I took piano lessons for 10 years.

Wow.. if you read all that. props to you! Now you know a bunch of random junk about me! :)

And so now.. I'm supposed to tag 7 people..  but I really need to go study for an O-Chem quiz I'm pretty sure will be thrown our way tomorrow! So if you read all of that DO it!! and you can say I passed it along to you ;)

And last but not least.. I'm DYING over this planner.. I want it SO bad! Check out this giveaway that Jenna @ This is Love is hosting on her adorable blog!

Hope everyone has had a terrific Tuesday! 


Jamie said...

Fun post! I love those magazines and making lists too :)

Good luck on your quiz!

Preppy Twin said...

I can't stand scary movies!

Jenna said...

thanks so much for the link, leslie! also, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. :)

by the way, i am practically addicted to pumpkin spice creamer, too! :)

Mandy said...

Hey, I am now following her site because of you (you are a friend that referred me) if you would like to go let her know and get your extra entry :)

Megan said...

Good luck on your quiz!! I love that planner, too!!

I played piano, too! Twins!

Kati said...

I am such a list-maker and often write things down sometimes even after I did them just so I can cross it off for that feeling of accomplishment! :) Hope your quiz goes well!