Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where I Stay

I thought I should post some pictures of my room.. because I recently got new bedding and pillows and I am in LOVE with them.
I started off wanting a papasan chair because one of my friends, Sophie, had one in her dorm room last year and it was just so comfortable! So i started shopping around on Craigslist and I found one for only $20! SOLD! After picking up the chair I checked out Pier 1's papasan cushions and immediately fell in love with this one:

So then I used that cushion as an inspiration for the rest of my room.. and with my mama's help, went to Pier 1 (my new FAVORITE store) and went crazy with their pillows! Mixing and matching until we got an eclectic and adorable collaboration. And voila! here is the look we finally picked:

The lamp i got from Hobby Lobby and it matches perfectly! And we got the quilt from Target. I would show pictures of our apartment... but it's messy because we have a random roommate who doesn't clean up after herself and it gets awful. So.. in the fall I will post pictures when we move into our NEW apartment.

Now time to study chemistry for a while.. and hopefully squeeze a nap in there somewhere ;)



Ashley said...

Such a pretty room! I love your style! Thanks for following my blog! I'm following yours now too :)

Leslie said...

thanks girl!! your blog is precious! i can't wait to read more of your posts :)

Jess said...

Very cute blog! I loove your room and all the colors!! I love Pier 21 too!! I cannot believe your deal on Craiglist (I mean STEAL) haha I loooove a good bargain! OHH and I would spend hours on END in Hobby Lobby!

Kristen said...

love love love the new look!! youre blog is super cute!

im a new follower!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for following! I LOVE the fabrics on the chair and pillows - it all looks amazing together!

How fun that your blog background coordinates with the fabrics. Lovely!