Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Bloggers!

I've wanted to start a blog for the longest time, particularly after reading kevinandamanda's blog, and finally after deciding on a name.. I'm here! I want to use this blog to capture life's memories so I can go back and remember everything I've done, while also sharing it with others.

A little about me.. I'm a pre-pharmacy major at a college in a quaint little town, not too far from my hometown, but just far enough. In later posts I will include some pictures of this adorable little town, because I absolutely love it here :)

I'm currently spending my summer taking chemistry classes so I can catch up, because I changed my major. So right now my summer consists of nothing but chemistry.. and the library. It's like a full time job sometimes.

but I would really prefer to spend most of my days sitting on the dock at the lake..
I live with my friend Ally, you can follow her blog at We have so many laughs, and I wish we could've been close before living together. I am so excited to be spending my summer with her and am really looking forward to rooming with her in the fall. And we spend a lot of time with Jessica, learning how to cook on our own, going on adventures, and establishing our weekly rituals, we just all have too much fun together. You will definitely be hearing more about what we do for fun in my coming posts. Here is a picture of all of us at the braves game last week.

(L to R: Ally, Jessica, and Me)

But that's all I'll post for now. Tonight we're all cooking dinner and tuning in to one of our favorite shows, the Bachelorette. So there will definitely be many pictures to come for tomorrow! :)


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A Wedding Story said...

Welcome to the blog world!! Blogging is so much fun and I am sure that you will love it!