Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Night on the Square

After a long and exhausting day of chemistry, Ally and I decided to go take a walk around the town square. We took pictures and then stopped into the Picnic Cafe, an adorable bakery, where my friend Sarah works. The outside is precious, especially with the bicycle, and as soon as you walk in the aromas of freshly baked cookies fills the air.

I got a lemonade frosted sugar cookie, and Ally got a key lime frosted sugar cookie. Then we went out to the square, sat on a park bench, and enjoyed our delicious cookies.

After our cookies we walked around and took some more pictures.. and we kept getting weird looks from people. Does this happen to anyone else?! I'm sorry that I wanted to take pictures of the beautiful scenery! Maybe they thought we looked like weird tourists.. but I don't think it's THAT crazy to take pictures of a touristy town.. whatever!

After taking a million pictures we met our friend Jessica at the best pizza restaurant EVER.. Gustavo's. We frequent Gustavo's on a weekly basis in the fall, and we hadn't had it in a while so we went tonight. The pizza is super cheap, extremely delicious, and the slices are HUGE! get a load of this:

My mouth waters just looking at it!
We're definitely going to have to run some stairs and power walk it on our moonlit stroll tonight! Especially after our blizzard treat yesterday :)

Oreo cookie jar is where it's at!!

That's all for now though!

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