Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After A Lazy Weekend

So it's been a while since I've been able to update because life got hectic after my relaxing weekend! But now I actually have some spare time :)

Me, Ally, and Jessica passed our weekend at Jessica's lake house on Lake Hartwell and we had so much fun! It rained the majority of the weekend, so we sat inside, ate food, and watched season 1 of The Hills, yes very old school! It's crazy how much I actually remembered from those episodes!
Here are some pictures of the delicious food we ate! I just love fruit, and after getting back from the weekend I loaded up on it at the grocery store.

We made rice krispie treats.. which I hadn't had in ages, and they were delicious! Except Jessica melted the spatula when making them so a few bites had melted spatula, but they were still good ;)
Some great summer reads! I'm getting them hooked on Emily Giffin's books. :)
The little bit of sunshine we had we rushed out to lay out in it, and roasted! So we got some floats to lay on.
They were about impossible to blow up, I think we might have spent 30 minutes trying to blow them up, and then felt so lightheaded afterwards! And Ally struggled with blowing hers up... so I ended up having to blow up half of hers, next time we will take a pump to blow them up!
And right after we finally got all 3 floats blown up, a huge thunderstorm came and we had to go inside.. Sometimes I have such terrible luck! But that was our fun weekend :)
Me and Jessica blowing up our floats:

Then yesterday, I had a weird thing happen, and I mean WEIRD. This story is so crazy you'll probably think it's made up, but I promise it isn't. I was meeting one of my friends, Suz, in the square to go eat at Picnic cafe before she leaves for Africa, and because I hadn't seen her in a while. I got there before her, so I sat on a park bench in the square to enjoy the nice weather. Well, as I'm sitting there this elderly man comes over to me and starts talking to me. (nothing weird about that) But, then he starts admiring my shoes, and takes my flip flop off. (I was wearing rainbows) and he goes on and on about how he used to make women's shoes up in Michigan and blah blah blah.. Well then he starts rubbing my foot! and feeling the muscles in my foot and saying "yeah these are nice feet".. and I was feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable, but I didn't know how to just jump up and leave. So then he finally says "well, I guess I'll leave you in peace."And I was thinking "THANK GOODNESS!!" and said "okay, well it was nice talking to you!" (trying to be nice)

Well next thing I know he strikes up MORE conversation and sits down beside me, and starts asking if I ever took ballet of any sort and starts to reach for my foot again and tells me to point and flex. At this point I was soooo uncomfortable, AND weirded out, so I quickly said "wellll... i'm supposed to be meeting one of my friends! nice talkin to you!" and made a dash for the restaurant. It was the oddest thing that has ever happened to me!

Well when I get in the restaurant I started to explain what happened to my friend Sarah that works there, and she said he is always in their restaurant and around the square and apparently he has a foot fetish. So it's happened to other people around there. Ugh!!! WHY ME?! haha Needless to say, I won't be sitting on any more park benches by myself.. I will sit in my car until my friends get there! haha

But that was my crazy encounter from yesterday! And last night, the bachelorette was great! so much drama!! I don't know why we watch that trash, but it sure is entertaining! I'm so glad Justin is OUTTA there! and those voicemails he left his girlfriend?! what a moron! be a man and tell Ali the truth, he stuttered like crazy trying to cover himself up. I can't wait to see what the drama that awaits next week!

Hope everyone has a great wednesday!


Laura said...

That looks like a fun weekend!! :) I love rice Krispy treats... SOO GOOD! Are those Emily Griffin books that good?? I need a new book to read after reading and finishing the steig larsson series...

Leslie said...

I read something borrowed and something blue a few years ago at the beach and couldn't put them down! I really enjoyed them :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hi! Just found your blog - so cute!! And these pictures just made me very hungry :) I love Emily Griffin - I am reading 'Heart of the Matter' right now! And, I am so, so sorry about that foot fetish story. Eeek...I would be traumatized!!

Leslie said...

oh thats what i want to read next!!